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SmithsonMartin Inc.

2283 Argentia Road #22, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 5X2, CANADA



Alan Smithson, CEO
Julie Smithson, COO

Our EMULATOR software allows ANY MIDI CONTROLLER to be multitouch and with our hardware, the Dual View System and KS-1974 it is now the most revolutionary experience for on-stage performers and design technicians in the last 30 years! The ability to design and customize your own screens pages to the performance or artists provides the user with easier control of the midi controlled software.

Whether you are a VJ, Lighting Programmer, Controlling Lasers or the DJ, you can use the Emulator DVS or KS-1974 to control your software all while the audience watches in awe!

Recent Projects:
With the launch of our KS-1974 and Emulator Modular software we have established our product with lighting designer Michael Meacham to use the console to light up one of the Electric Daisy Carnival Stages in Las Vegas this past summer. Both our DVS and KS-1974 are being used internationally with well known Dj's Lighting Designers, and VJ's and with the ability to design your own layout, we are seeing the most amazing creativity from our users.

DJ Mag - 2011 Innovative New Product on the Dual View System

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