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AudioAcoustic Materials Consultancy Installation Noise Control Sound Design

Acoustic Fields

3840 E. MERCER LN., United States



Dennis Foley, CEO

Acoustic Fields are small room acoustic specialists. We have three proprietary technologies. 1. Low frequency diaphragmatic absorption using activated carbon. These units absorb from 30Hz - 100Hz. Unprecedented separation and definition. Bass absorption rates and levels never achieved before in commercial products. 2. Acoustic foam with smooth absorption curves from 125Hz - 500 Hz. For music and voice. This provides superior definition and timbre for a greater emotional connection. 3. Quadratic Diffusion married to low-frequency absorption in one unit, an acoustics industry first.

Recent Projects:
Saltmine studios - activated carbon diaphragmatic absorber installations in the studios main room. www.thesaltmine.com Daniel Wyatt studio - activated carbon diaphragmatic absorber installations into his cloud. www.danielwyatt.com Joe Salvatto - recording studio builder NYC. Activated carbon diaphragmatic absorber licensing to his recording studio build projects. http://www.salvattosound.com/about/ Planet Grey Recording Studio - Design consultancy and activated carbon diaphragmatic absorption filters for managing low frequencies. https://www.facebook.com/planetgrey?hc_location=stream

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