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LightingArchitectural Lighting Color Changers Disco/Club Lighting Film/TV Lighting Lighting Design Theatre/Stage Lighting


8060 Bryan Dairy Road, Largo, FL 33777, USA



Seachanger is a true innovation in DMX color changing for Theatrical, Architectural and Worship applications. The Seachanger optical designs utilize ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal components and employ patterned dichroic glass wheels, in combination with high lumen per watt output lamp technologies such as Tungsten, Plasma, and HMI. The selection of lamp offerings is guaranteed to put more color and light on the stage with vivid high color rendering. Through a patented process, Seachanger yields the most robust and highest transmission colors available, using CYM and Extreme Green (XG) dichroic color filters.

Recent Projects:
The Seachanger product line continues to evolve with more energy efficient lamp offerings. In addition, the swipe-free color changing speed is increased to less than a 0.5 second snap, without sacrificing the amount of light on the stage. Seachanger Plasma consumes only 320W of power to produce lumen output equivalent to a 750W Tungsten fixture, with an incredible lamp life of 15,000 hours and a 92 CRI at 5,200 Kelvin. The Seachanger HMI fixture produces an impressive 24,000 lumens at 34 lumens per watt a spectacular product for long throws and outdoor applications.

Mario Award - 1997 LFI Innovation Award - 2009

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