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LightingArchitectural Lighting Consultancy Dimming Systems DMX Tools Fiber Optics Lighting Design

Conservation Ltg. Int'l Ltd.

247 S. 5th Street, #22, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA



Gersil N. Kay, IESNA, President

CLI is a pioneer full-service lighting designer conserving energy and materials with custom glass fiber optics (GFO), custom LEDs, and soon, organic LEDs.

Sustainable, affordable, sophisticated illumination is custom designed for front-of-house, commercial, retail, hospitality, office, water features, landscapes, and hazardous and applications-- indoor and out.

Automated special effects of color, motion and dimming are push button controlled in a careful mixture of architectural and theatrical techniques.

Substantial savings in installation, maintenance and operation make for prompt payback on initial investment, and continuing economies thereafter for the long life of the source/system.

Recent Projects:
A ten-foot diameter, nine-foot long chandelier composed of 5, 500 glass fiber optics light guides has nine colors, plus Christmas, Easter and Fourth of July combinations, all push-button operated. The fixture works from 5 PM to 2 AM daily, and only consumes 2,070W. Restaurant staff is dressed in the color chosen for the day. Muckerman Fountain, Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO: Chlldren wade safely in the huge fountain, lit by one metal halide lamp powering underwater GFO. The 80-foot long Roman Pavilion behind it is also lit with just one lamp and GFO.

Awards: The first President of the United States' Historic Preservation Award Preservation Award from the Victorian Society in America; Build America from Associated General Contractors best Historic Revival from Building Owners and Managers' Association (BOMA) Pioneer Award for introducing functional glass fibre optics in America International Illumination Design Award for each project submitted.

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