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J. R. Clancy Reimagines Rigging Control Systems with SceneControl 5000 Series

J. R. Clancy SceneControl 5000 series stage automation control system

At the LDI show in Las Vegas, Nevada, J.R. Clancy, Inc. will unveil a series of new rigging control systems that will address the entire range of performance venues -- from the most complex flexible performing arts space, sporting complex, or Broadway show to the stages of high schools and colleges.

Clancy has partnered with Niscon, Inc., creators of the Raynok Motion Control System, to develop the SceneControl 5000 Stage Automation Control System. The system offers multi-level cueing, sub-master control, free and locked groups, and unlimited numbers of axes in a system. There are no restrictions on the quantity of cues in a performance or on the number of stored show files or concurrent axes in motion. It also offers the ability to control performer flying, a first for Clancy and SceneControl.

At the heart of the system are three new operator consoles that offer unrestrained functionality and the flexibility to grow with the changing needs of any venue.

SceneControl 5300 is a compact, mid-level operator console that can serve as the main operator interface as well as a localized backstage console. The 15.1" capacitive touchscreen provides an intuitive, easy to use interface.

SceneControl 5500 provides greater functionality with the same powerful features of the SC5300, but with an added second operator screen. The 10.1" capacitive touchscreen on the desktop displays the system's proprietary RSC-5000 console interface software, while the Raynok OS is moved to a 24" 1920x1080 monitor. The RSC-5000 software presents users with configurable macros, dedicated alarm displays, four independent playbacks, and more.

SceneControl 5600 takes the system another step up with dual 24" 1920x1080 screens, redundant processing, a second joystick and a 15.1" capacitive touchscreen on the desktop. The greater video real estate means the operator can see more of what is going on within the system at any given time. The redundant processor provides the security to ensure that a hardware failure does not stop the show.

"The SceneControl 5000 line brings greater flexibility to our control solutions, expanding our ability to incorporate different kinds of equipment like chain motors, turntables, stage wagons, performer hoists, and user-built stage machinery and effects," said Larry Eschelbacher, J. R. Clancy director of engineering. "As new productions and touring shows reach greater levels of complexity, performing arts centers will be able to integrate the same production values seen in New York or Las Vegas into their in-house rigging control system."

Password-protected access levels keep unauthorized users out of the system, while off-site secure access allows Clancy to perform remote diagnostics. Centralized servers and NAS HDDs offer the ability to provide automated backups and file sharing for easier system management. Error checks are continuously performed and alarms, actions, and faults are logically recorded and stored in LOG files for diagnostics. Users can choose the safety level and redundancies that suit their types of performance, venues, and budget, including independently reviewed and certified SIL-3 safety systems.

"With one across-the-board, flexible, fully compatible system, we can scale up a venue's rigging system as required --without the cost of changing the system's front end," said Andy McArthur, J. R. Clancy sales manager. "Once a venue has made a hardware purchase, additional capabilities become plug-and-play. This eliminates the risk of buying an entry-level system and having it become obsolete because your venue's needs suddenly change. Your SceneControl system can grow with your performance space. Now these venues can turn to one supplier -- J. R. Clancy -- for all of their rigging requirements."

J. R. Clancy will exhibit in booth 925 at LDI, October 19 - 21.

See J. R. Clancy at PLASA Focus: Stamford, November 12-13.


(9 October 2012)

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