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Gamproduts Introduces GAM Plexus

Gamproducts, Inc., of Los Angeles, has introduced a new lighting control software system. GAM Plexus is designed to convert your PC into a complete lighting control system able to handle conventional lights, moving lights or any device that can be controlled from DMX with a USB converter, ACN 1.31, or ArtNet Signals.

Based in Magic Sheet format, the product is intended to be your light board for one or more universes of control. For speed of programming, information can be entered using either keyboard or mouse. You can identify your fixtures or group of fixtures as you please with names and numbers to find them when you need them. Integrated libraries include popular light fixtures, most moving lights, and the top three lines of color and patterns. If you have a conventional fixture with an accessory, you can build your own custom fixture assemblies and add it to your library. If you need a backup because of computer failure, find a convenient PC, (running Windows Vista or later), download the show from your backup disk, and you are back in operation.

GAM Plexus software can be downloaded any number of times on any number of computers. In order to operate the actual control equipment, you need the security key plugged into the computer running the equipment. Without it, DMX values will go to zero every few minutes. You can plan, layout, and edit your shows in your office, hotel room, or on a plane; then effortlessly transfer the files to your show computer. Upgrades for the software are free of charge for the first year. New fixtures and other library additions will be made available free of charge.

"We believe that GAM Plexus is the future of lighting control," said Laurel Polson, vice president of sales. "GAM Plexus is a whole new way of thinking about your control console. Configure it to suit your needs: organize fixtures, groups, or other kinds of controls by positioning them on your screen in a way that makes sense for you. Lay out the controls on your magic sheets in a pictorial representation of your lighting system. What you see is what you get, and you can see what you're controlling. Use multiple screens to expand viewing capability and addressing software controls. This will increase the visibility of information and allow quick access for making changes."

The company is offering an opportunity to try GAM Plexus before you buy it. You can download the software, which enables you to use all of the functions short of actually operating the dimmers and lights. GAM Plexus is applicable in many environments: theatrical, film and video productions, showrooms, museums, theme parks, and displays.


(21 November 2011)

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