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Henry Hewes Awards Nominees, Winners Announced for 2023

The Henry Hewes Design Awards Committee today announced the 2023 Henry Hewes Design Awards Honorees who will be recognized at the 59th annual ceremony on October 23 in New York.

"We are delighted that the Henry Hewes Design Awards will once again bring the entire design community together in person for the first time since 2019," says Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, chairman of the committee. "We continue to recognize the outstanding contribution that designers make to the creative process in all theatre productions, and we congratulate the 2023 honorees for their excellent work."

Honors for the 2022-23 season were earned by eight artists for their work on, Off, and Off-Off Broadway. Scenic design team dots (a collaboration of Santiago Orjuela-Laverde, Andrew Moerdyk and Kimie Nishikawa) (Public Obscenities, Soho Rep/National Asian American Theatre Company), costume designer Brenda Abbandandolo (The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window, Broadway), lighting designer Barbara Samuels (Public Obscenities, Soho Rep/National Asian American Theatre Company), sound designer Tei Blow (Public Obscenities, Soho Rep/National Asian American Theatre Company), media designer Kameron Neal (Dark Disabled Stories, Public Theatre), and puppetry designer James Ortiz (Into the Woods, Broadway) will be honored with 2023 Henry Hewes Design Awards. Seven of the eight 2023 honorees are receiving their first award from the Hewes committee. For the 2023 honors, 98 theatre artists were nominated for outstanding artistry in 58 productions presented during the 2022-23 New York theatre season on, Off, and Off-Off Broadway.

These annual awards honor designers for work in venues on Broadway, Off Broadway, and Off-Off Broadway, recognizing the traditional categories of scenic design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, media design, and notable effects. All nominated designs must have originated in United States productions. The Hewes Awards Committee annually considers approximately 200 productions when making its nominations.

The design team known as dots led all artists with five nominations for their design work. Clint Ramos received three nominations for his work. Eleven designers received two nominations for their work. Twenty-eight productions received multiple nominations, with Public Obscenities at Soho Rep/National Asian American Theatre Company getting five nominations. Two productions each received four nominations. Six productions each received three nominations and seventeen other productions each received two nominations.

The HHDA Committee named honorees in six standard categories: scenic design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, media design, and notable effects. As of the 2023 awards, the committee has bestowed 337 honors on 224 artists representing 288 productions. (These numbers do not include the Ming Cho Lee Award for Lifetime Achievement in Design.)

Known as the Maharam Awards at their inception in 1965, the Hewes Awards were later renamed the American Theatre Wing Design Awards in honor of the Wing's generous sponsorship. In 1999, they became the Henry Hewes Design Awards in honor of noted critic Henry Hewes, who created the awards and served as a board member of the American Theatre Wing until his death in 2006 at age 89.

The Henry Hewes Design Awards Committee includes theatre critics Jeffrey Eric Jenkins (chair), David Barbour, David Cote, Naveen Kumar, Brittani Samuel, Helen Shaw, and Martha Wade Steketee. The awards are sponsored by the Henry Hewes Foundation for the Theatre Arts.

The nominees are as follows:

Scenic Design
Arnulfo Maldonado My Broken Language
Arnulfo Maldonado Topdog/Underdog
Beowulf Boritt New York, New York
Christopher and Justin Swader Arden of Faversham
Christopher and Justin Swader Modern Swimwear
Clint Ramos A Raisin in the Sun
Clint Ramos The Far Country
Dane Laffrey A Christmas Carol
Donald Eastman Evelyn Brown
dots Dark Disabled Stories
dots Public Obscenities
dots The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window
dots You Will Get Sick
Frank J. Oliva On Set With Theda Bara
John Lee Beatty Epiphany
Junghyun Georgia Lee Romeo and Juliet
Marsha Ginsberg Primary Trust
Maruti Evans Amani
Michael Yeargan Pictures From Home
Parker Lutz The Trees
Rachel Hauck Good Night, Oscar
Soutra Gilmour A Doll's House
Wilson Chin A Bright New Boise

Costume Design
Andrea Hood Into the Woods
Brenda Abbandandolo The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window
Caitlin Ayer Willa's Authentic Self
Clint Ramos and Sophia Choi KPOP
David Zinn Almost Famous
Donna Zakowska New York, New York
Enver Chakartash The Trees
Enver Chakartash Public Obscenities
Gregg Barnes Some Like It Hot
Jennifer Moeller Camelot
Jennifer Moeller and Miriam Kelleher The Comeuppance
Karen Perry A Raisin in the Sun
Kindall Almond Black Odyssey
Mika Eubanks Twelfth Night
Montana Levi Blanco White Girl in Danger
Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung Dancin'
Susan Hilferty Parade
Wendy Yang Your Own Personal Exegesis

Lighting Design
Adam Honoré Black Odyssey
Allen Lee Hughes Ohio State Murders
Amith Chandrashaker The Comeuppance
Barbara Samuels Public Obscenities
Ben Stanton A Christmas Carol
Heather Gilbert Parade
Isabella Byrd Epiphany
Isabella Byrd The Good John Proctor
Jen Schriever My Broken Language
Jiyoun Chang The Far Country
John Torres The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window
Jon Clark A Doll's House
Ken Billington New York, New York
Lap Chi Chu The Coast Starlight
Masha Tsimring Montag
Natasha Katz Sweeney Todd
Oona Curley Dark Disabled Stories
Reza Behjat Arden of Faversham
Stacey Derosier On Set With Theda Bara

Notable Effects
Buffy Cardoza (Properties Design) The Good John Proctor
Caitlin Ayer (Puppetry Design) Willa's Authentic Self
James Ortiz (Puppetry Design) Into the Woods
Steven Wendt (Shadow Puppetry Design) This and That
Tom Sepe (Robot Design) The Orchard

Sound Design
Ben and Max Ringham A Doll's House
Christopher Darbassie Camp Siegfried
Elisabeth Weidner F*ck Seventh Grade
Fabian Obispo Once Upon a (korean) Time
Frederick Kennedy Twelfth Night
Joanna Lynne Staub Weightless
Kai Harada New York, New York
Kathy Ruvuna Dark Disabled Stories
Lee Kinney Exception to the Rule
Lee Kinney The Good John Proctor
Leegrid Stevens War Dreamer
Megan Culley Hang Time
Mikaal Sulaiman Evanston Salt Costs Climbing
Nevin Steinberg Sweeney Todd
Palmer Hefferan The Comeuppance
Scott Lehrer and Alex Neumann Into the Woods
Sinan Rafik Zafar Montag
Tei Blow Public Obscenities

Media Design
59 Productions Pictures From Home
59 Productions The Coast Starlight
Alex Basco Koch The Orchard
Brittany Bland Amani
Brittany Bland Twelfth Night
Caite Hevner Between the Lines
Dan Scully The Butcher Boy
David Bengali Monsoon Wedding
David Bengali The Thanksgiving Play
dots and Sam Levy Kate
Johnny Moreno Public Obscenities
Josh Higgason White Girl in Danger
Kameron Neal Dark Disabled Stories
Kelly Colburn, Alex Hawthorn, Justin Nestor American Television(s)
Lucy Mackinnon A Christmas Carol
Phil Soltanoff This and That
Sven Ortel Parade


(19 September 2023)

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