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Rental and Staging Network Partners with Providers at Leadership Symposium

Providing clients with a vision for turning their events into a memorable experience through state-of-the art event staging technology, is a top-of-mind issue among rental and staging companies today. At the Rental and Staging Network's (RSN) second annual Leadership Symposium, themed Partners in Confluence --a flowing together of ideas held at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott from July 31-August 3, the association teamed with some of the industry's leading technology suppliers to provide a look at what the next dimension of the event staging experience will be like.

"RSN is dedicated to equipping its members with an understanding of new developments in staging technology. These elements allow us to continually take the client event experience to the next level," said Donald Guzauckas, Jr., president of RSN. "At our second annual Leadership Symposium, key leaders in our industry orchestrated a demonstration of a complete event staging platform. This provided our members with a more realistic demo as well as a fresh look at how events can best be executed."

In collaboration with Christie, coolux, IML and Draper, RSN -- a network of 21 leading live event staging companies -- elevated the "staged event" to a seamless, interconnected flow of systems and technologies from 3D and image blending projection to next generation screens to distributed audio and interactive data-gathering devices to media servers, highlighted by:

Utilizing the exceptional optical design of the Christie Roadster WU12K-M with 0.67:1 lens projection system, featuring a 12,000 lumen three-chip DLP with 1920 X 1200 resolution, and in coordination with their TWIST technology and AutoSTACK system, Christie demonstrated extreme off-axis set up. Christie AutoSTACK consists of a camera and software that enables nearly effortless stacking and image blending on multiple projectors. With the extreme positioning of the projector set up at the Symposium, the AutoSTACK system was able to correct the image to a perfectly blended image in less than five minutes.

Additionally, the Nitro Solutions YK 100 single arm integrated digital luminaire system incorporating a Christie 10K-M projector, was used to show the flexibility that Nitro offers in converting a high brightness video projector to a digital luminaire. For the RSN Leadership Symposium, the Nitro showed how images can be projected onto a 3D object, moved to other points in the room and then recalled to previous set points on the 3D object.

Christie also displayed five of its MicroTILES, providing one of the most flexible and interesting solutions to displays on the market. Several RSN partners are employing MicroTiles into staging and trade show applications.

Draper displayed a 6' X 18" StageScreen featuring screen material that was standard front surface material matt white XT1000VB with black backing that can be used with blend applications. StageScreen framing consists of enough multiple straight pieces ranging from 72" long to 24" long to create the screen, frame, and legs. These same frame pieces can be re-organized to create the other sizes of screens to be flown or setup on legs. The maximum size for the StageScreen is 100' wide.

IML distributed 80 of its interactive Connector Keypads throughout the meeting space. Each device provided instant participant feedback to questions and surveys with results immediately formatted into PowerPoint and displayed on screen. The Connector also performed as a distributed audio system providing house audio at each device and a microphone, eliminating the need for Q&A microphone handlers.

Several coolux Pandoras Box Media Servers were provided with live DVI-HD inputs, Widget Designer Pro, and control interfaces to go from ArtNet to DMX-512. The Pandoras Box system was designed to link the various products provided by other sponsors, including the Christie Nitro digital luminaire and M series projectors.

Additionally, the three-day Leadership Symposium featured group and breakout sessions in which best practices were collectively shared and discussed on how to raise the bar for what constitutes a successful client experience. These sessions also focused on enhancing collaboration between sales and operations and the event also included several networking activities.

Since its inception in 2007, RSN has aimed to bring the industry's best live event rental and staging companies together to provide nationwide service with the benefit of local contacts, eliminating the need for clients to spend valuable time verifying the competence and capabilities of multiple companies. Additionally, RSN is a proactive resource for the principals and staff of its non-competitive members for exchanging knowledge, enhancing professionalism, and engaging in business referrals and cross-rental opportunities.


(24 August 2012)

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