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ils medientechnik from Leipzig Invests in Alcons LR18

Alcons Audio LR18 line-arrays left and right of the stage at the Kirchentag Leipzig, and with VR12 as stage-monitors.

For 26 years, ils medientechnik has been supporting events of all sizes and with all technical activities. After the Leipzig German company had already invested in the smaller Alcons Audio LR7 system at the beginning of 2016, it expanded its portfolio in the spring of 2017 with the larger line array system LR18 from the Dutch audio specialist.

Managing director Thomas Ils, leading the company together with his brother Mario, explains: "We had been looking for a long time for a sound system that covers everything required by our customers. As a technical service provider, we have a very wide spectrum to look after -- from very small to very large events. In addition, all systems should be compatible with each other and have the same excellent quality."

After listening to different systems, the spark finally struck with the compact LR7 pro-ribbon line array system. "After five minutes it was clear that the search was over," the Ils brothers laugh. "The Alcons system has a brilliant as well as extremely direct sound and as such, completely matched our idea of perfect sound reproduction. We were immediately convinced that with this system, we would be able to realize at least two-thirds of our projects in industrial, conference, and trade-show applications in a perfect quality.

Thus, ils medientechnik invested in 42 Alcons LR7 line-array loudspeakers with BF151 subwoofers in 2016. With six VR8, which are soon to be increased to twelve units, the setup was complete. For the ils-Hausmesse (in-house show), the Leipziger borrowed the larger LR18 pro-ribbon line-array system. And once again it was love at first sound.

The LR18 enables a 1:1 reproduction of the original sound source, by means of Alcons' multiple-patented pro-ribbon transducer technology; It combines a perfect projection and throw with the what the company says is the lowest distortion in the industry.

The joint feedback of both managing directors after the Hausmesse: "Hi-Fi sound at concert sound pressure levels and an unbelievable speech intelligibility -- Alcons defines our future quality requirements in audio! It was immediately clear to us that by investing in the LR18 pro-ribbon line-array system, as an addition to the LR7 pro-ribbon line-array, we could realize all upcoming sound reinforcement projects with Alcons components."

"Both systems play incredibly confident even in difficult rooms, and besides the superb sound reproduction of the pro-ribbon systems, the amplified loudspeaker controllers do the rest with their comfortable set-up and controlling possibilities."

The Alcons LR18 enjoyed its premiere with ils medientechnik as part of a choral performance in the glass hall at the Leipziger Messe. Here the critics were very impressed. "With only a 12 unit array, we achieved an impressive speech intelligibility on an area of 30m by 50m. Everyone was very surprised," says Mario Ils, the second managing director, excitedly.<> As a highlight of the Kirchentag ("church day") and as one of the largest events of the Reformation year (500th anniversary of the Lutheran thesis on Wittenberg), the open-air spectacle "Zum Licht" was performed at the Leipziger market square at the end of May. Spanning sound collages, an emotional light show, opulent video projections -- in addition a live performance with large orchestra, choirs, soloists, bands, actors and dancers -- transformed the audience into a frenzy of picture and sound.

The market square was dominated by the 21m by 16m mainstage with 36 Alcons LR18 compact mid-sized line-arrays, supported by 12 Alcons BC543 cardioid subwoofers. A total of 72 LR7 micro line-arrays, 16 VR8 compact monitors, six VR12 monitors, six QR36 line-sources, four BF302 subwoofers, as well as four BF151 subwoofers from Alcons were installed for the surround sound at eight 10m-high crosses and two additional stages. Eight Sentinel3, 16 Sentinel10, and eight ALC2 amplified loudspeaker controllers provided drive and control of the system.

Thomas Ils looked forward to the challenge: "Working with Alcons systems means shortly thinking, connecting and 'go!' In our projects, we are often under extreme pressure. This is a system that does not need to be eternally measured and tweaked, it's simply brilliant. And thanks to the cooperation of the pro-ribbon network partners, the 200+ Alcons systems that were deployed could easily be arranged."

"We are very pleased to have won another enthusiastic Alcons partner with ils medientechnik, which strengthens the Alcons rental network in eastern Germany," says Carsten Albrecht of Alcons Audio Deutschland.



(11 August 2017)

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