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Chauvet Professional Awes and Engages at Manor Complex

The Manor Complex

The Manor Complex is located about 32 miles north of South Beach, but the crowds that jam pack this spacious 20,000sq.-ft. venue don't feel a compelling need to journey south on I-95. Why should they? There isn't much that can't be found at this very well-appointed superlative nightclub that features a jolt of eye-popping new energy, courtesy of Rogue and ÉPIX Series fixtures from Chauvet Professional.

Owners Paul Hugo and Brett Tannenbaum added the Chauvet fixtures to the already powerful light show in the bi-level nightclub, because they believe it's important to keep their establishment ahead of the entertainment curve.

"Being in Fort Lauderdale, we draw visitors from all over the world, so we hold ourselves to the highest international standards" said Hugo. "There are a lot of good clubs that are always pushing ahead with new technology, so we felt it was important to keep ours in the forefront. We had a great lighting system, but we wanted to take things a step further so we could add an extra level of energy to the dance floor while offering some incredible looks at the same time."

A collection of 12 Rogue RH1 Hybrids, six Rogue R1 Spots, and 26 ÉPIX Bar 2.0 one-meter pixel mapping strips, along with 10 Intimidator Series movers from Chauvet DJ, were added to the nightclub rig. This powerful aggregation of fixtures has been made all the more impactful by being mounted on two motorized circular truss structures.

"We have two rings of truss," said Tannenbaum. "The inner ring is 6.5' in diameter, and the outer is 16'. During the evening, as the action on the dance floor heats up, the truss circles descend down from our 30' ceiling. Each truss structure is powered by three motors so they move very well in all directions."

The nightclub has one person that just controls the movement of the truss structures and the pixel mapped ÉPIX bars and lasers, while another controls the video and rest of the light show. "The powerful combination of the intense Chauvet lights and the massive moving truss structures really captivates the crowd," said Tannenbaum.

"It's an awe-inspiring spectacle; the prodigious lights on the moving trusses create the sense of a space ship landing on the dance floor," added Manor's interior designer and general manager Gary Santis. "The bursts of color and the different gobo patterns and prisms from the Rogues create something that's a light show and a Cirque show all in one awesome package."

Along with valuing the intensity of the Chauvet fixtures, Hugo and Tannenbaum appreciate their versatility. In keeping with the all-encompassing spirit of the Manor complex, the venue serves as more than just an incredibly popular dance club. The facility also hosts shows by internationally acclaimed acts, as well as an array of contests, revues, receptions, and private parties. The Rogue, ÉPIX, and Intimidator fixtures help this thriving club wear its many hats in style.

Commenting on the versatility of the Rogue fixtures, Santis stated: "We chose to go with Chauvet's Rogue fixtures, due to the fact they push the performance boundaries for automated fixtures to new heights. They combine the power of a beam, optics of a spot, and the coverage of a wash. We are an event space that transforms into a nightclub, so these fixtures serve multiple purposes. The versatility of the Rogues helps us create multiple atmospheres and emotions."

The elegant looks created by the ÉPIX strips also make a valuable contribution to the club's presentation. Using the pixel mapped bars to create different looks helps the club maintain its unique and widely praised aesthetic balance that has it harmonizing vintage English touches (hence the name Manor) and crystal chandeliers with modern, cosmopolitan accents.

"We pride ourselves in creating a very memorable welcoming atmosphere that makes it easy to relax yet still excites," said Tannenbaum. "Without question, we've been extremely satisfied with the Rogue, ÉPIX, and Intimidator lights. These Chauvet products were an awesome choice because of their reliability, multi-functional capabilities and output, and of course price. Anytime you can go all out to create a nice environment for your customers, yet still stay within your budget, you have to say things are good!"



(7 August 2015)

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