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COVID-19 Update, November 23, 2020: Running Wild

Another day, another vaccine report, another reason to hope. Already, 2021 is looking much, much better. But there are still weeks to go before a vaccine can begin to be distributed and the coronavirus is, in the president's words, "running wild." The result is a weird kind of double vision: Even as the world starts to gear up for a COVID-free year, infections are rising (12 million in the US alone), hospitals are overwhelmed, and healthcare workers are breaking down. Maybe the new year will bring a targeted, coordinated national health policy, too.

The latest:

The US has passed 12 million COVID-19 cases and is adding 200,000 cases a day; still, holiday travel is surging: tinyurl.com/y4xlmtwc.

Daily COVID-19 deaths in the US are averaging 1,300 per day, the highest number since May: tinyurl.com/y2wulzhx. This time around, the US has plenty of ventilators, but it lacks enough technicians to run them: tinyurl.com/yyefda6t.

In a statement on Twitter, the president, perhaps inadvertently, admits that the coronavirus is "running wild" through the US and the rest of the world; guess that means we're not rounding the corner after all: tinyurl.com/yxrezo4y.

Health experts say "the end is in sight," predicting that the pandemic will gradually fall away over the next several months: tinyurl.com/yy7x89n8.

There's confusing news about the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. Is it 70% effective? 90%? The company says probably the latter, once they finish tweaking the dose: tinyurl.com/y36owvpv.

Moderna plans to charge governments between $25 -- $37 for each dose of its vaccine: tinyurl.com/y43v65at.

The FDA gives emergency authorization to the antibody treatment for COVID-19 developed by Regeneron: tinyurl.com/yxrml8qg.

Bill Gates and his foundation step in to facilitate distribution of vaccines: tinyurl.com/y6dvtvhp.


The Ad Council launches a major campaign to convince Americans that vaccines are safe: tinyurl.com/yy6535v5.

Live Nation expects a full return to live events by the summer; expect new sanitary protocols: tinyurl.com/y5w4f46m.

The CDC upgrades to cruise ship travel of the highest level of risk, urging Americans to avoid them altogether: tinyurl.com/y5ts24rp.

Donald Trump, Jr. has tested positive for COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y3lha5ze.

Food for thought:

Sadly, the prison system has been a perfect breeding ground for the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/yy4l8f6y.

Inside the race between Pfizer and Moderna to create a vaccine: tinyurl.com/y2ry3y8e.

COVID-19 testing remains plagued by long lines and cost differentials: tinyurl.com/yyx6mh82.

Does a negative COVID-19 test mean you can socialize safely? Nope: tinyurl.com/y3um768c.

Around the country:

In California:

The state averages 10,891 a day for a week, surpassing the peak number of last summer: tinyurl.com/y3q6pyvs. New COVID-19 cases have tripled in the last month: tinyurl.com/yxvhzenh.

Outdoor dining is suspended in Los Angeles County, as most of the state is put under curfew: tinyurl.com/y3ey3g5e.

The governor and his family are in quarantine following exposure to an infected California Highway Patrol officer: tinyurl.com/yywawdxw.

In Connecticut:

Representative Joe Courtney tests positive for COVID-19, the eighth member of Congress to do so: tinyurl.com/y32awx63.

In Florida:

The state confirms 8,409 new cases on Saturday: tinyurl.com/yywrfpmu. The number on Sunday is 6,587, with a worrying 217 hospitalizations: tinyurl.com/y5ts24rp. The White House Coronavirus Task Force says the state is in the middle of a "viral resurgence:" tinyurl.com/y52uh6q2.

Two South Florida hospitals are likely to have the Pfizer vaccine in a matter of weeks: tinyurl.com/y48cvqng.

Universal Orlando lays off 1,123 workers: tinyurl.com/yymcsxwp.

The Florida State football game is postponed when FSU expresses discomfort with rival team Clemson's COVID compliance: tinyurl.com/y5m8k8h8.

Orange County reopens its portal for applying for a $1,000 stimulus check; multiple applicants from a single household can apply: tinyurl.com/y2vj9utw.

In Georgia:

Senator Kelly Loeffler isolates herself after positive COIVD-19 test, the seventh member of Congress to do so: tinyurl.com/y4f6an2s.

In Illinois:

COVID-19 testing facilities are being added to O'Hare and Midway airports: tinyurl.com/y6p5sye9.

The state's surge infections is bringing more illness and death to nursing homes: tinyurl.com/y3x7wexx.

In Louisiana:

New Orleans is reportedly losing $125 million a week in tourist revenue: tinyurl.com/y3tm85c9.

In Maryland:

The state records 2,885 new cases on Saturday, its second-highest total during the pandemic: tinyurl.com/y4khh4tt. The number on Monday drops to 1,685: tinyurl.com/y4wn255h.

In Massachusetts:

The pandemic takes a toll on the state's oyster industry: tinyurl.com/y6l9u5ju.

In Missouri:

Fury rises in the general populace against COVID-19 deniers: tinyurl.com/yyowpr92.

In Nevada:

The state is torn between the surging coronavirus and a tourist-dependent economy: tinyurl.com/yxz4jy59.

The state goes on a three-week pause, which includes a mask mandate and capacity restrictions for gyms, restaurants, bars, and gaming operations: tinyurl.com/yygekr9y.

In New York:

The Metropolitan Opera offers to pay furloughed staffers now in exchange for agreements to long-term pay cuts in the next contract: tinyurl.com/y3lzqerb.

New York City and New York State calculate the COVID-19 positivity rate differently, leading to confusion and conflict: tinyurl.com/y2jszsur.

In a brazen flouting of the rules, a Hasidic synagogue in Brooklyn holds a wedding with thousands of attendees: tinyurl.com/y5j5p8su.

In Ohio:

On Friday, the state records 8,808 daily COVID-19 cases, a new record: tinyurl.com/yytaek86. On Saturday, the number is 7,863: tinyurl.com/y2chsqkf. On Sunday, the number is 8,133: tinyurl.com/y3k4zugt.

In Pennsylvania:

Nurses in Langhorne, fed up with short staffing and suffering from PTSD, go on strike: tinyurl.com/y49zreuz.

In South Dakota:

The state is at a terrifying 60% positivity rate: tinyurl.com/y44c8hjo.

In Texas:

Dallas County has its biggest one-day surge of new cases, hitting 1,974: tinyurl.com/y2ktlrun.

Prisoners in El Paso are drafted to move the bodies of the COVID-19 dead into mobile morgues: tinyurl.com/yynpwbl7.

A birthday party in Arlington leads to 15 infections; the family crafts a public service announcement: tinyurl.com/yyb9pt3a.

Around the world:

In China:

The country is back to testing millions, as small COVID-19 flareups occur in three cities: tinyurl.com/y4bo24cv.

In Hong Kong:

The city's air travel bubble agreement with Singapore is postponed following a rise in cases on Hong Kong: tinyurl.com/y6pvlgrq.

In Israel:

Hospitals in Gaza are on the verge of being overwhelmed by COVID-19; among other things, they're running out of ventilators: tinyurl.com/yxnb9nyl.

In Italy:

The country suffers a coronavirus surge and coronavirus fatigue simultaneously: tinyurl.com/y26nzybr.

In Russia:

The healthcare system is under severe strain as 81% of hospital beds set aside for COVID-19 patients are filled: tinyurl.com/yxewanmj.

The country prepares to distribute the Sputnik vaccine to the world, despite concerns raised by 19 countries about its safety and efficacy: tinyurl.com/y4e87yly. Hungary will test the Russian vaccine: tinyurl.com/y4bgfrmp.

In the UK:

The current lockdown will end on December 2: tinyurl.com/y5dxjtmw.

Cineworld, owner of the US-based Regal Cinema chain, acquires a $450 million debt facility: tinyurl.com/yysh3cz9.

For your pleasure:

Santino Fontana and Laura Osnes offer "Ten Minutes Ago" from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella and "You Are Never Away," from the team's Allegro: tinyurl.com/y6mgkeuc.

That's all for today. Stay safe. -- DB

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Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources.

(23 November 2020)

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