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Inner Circle Introduces Game-Changing Smoke Machine To North American Market


Industry veterans Inner Circle Distribution have been named as exclusive North American distributors for PMI's SmokeGENIE, the smoke machine that launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter just seven months ago.

After spending over four years developing and patenting their product, SmokeGENIE managed to raise over $800,000 from supporters across the world, and was fully funded within the first day. The public's confidence in the fledgling company was more than justified: by creating a portable, wireless smoke machine that produces thick smoke on-demand, SmokeGENIE has revolutionized smoke effects and atmospherics in the entertainment, film SFX, and television industries.

In the same way that LEDs replaced tungsten lights, SmokeGENIE is transforming the way creators achieve their smoke and haze effects, and professionals in the industry have been quick to take notice, the company says. Early on, world-renowned effects artist Adam Savage featured the SmokeGenie on his YouTube channel, creating a huge buzz in the Hong Kong filmmaking and photography worlds.

Savage, cohost of Discovery Channel's popular Mythbusters, heaped praise on the new technology. "Amazing....as far as things that make smoke out of a handheld form-factor, I have never seen anything quite like this," he says. "It's impressive."

Smoke is an indispensable element in the photography, filmmaking, and entertainment industries. "Atmospheric haze" is responsible for the "cinematic" look in films, but in the past, it only came at great cost: a good haze machine costs several thousand USD, and they are large, power-hungry machines that are plagued with technical issues, and prone to break down.

Thanks to SmokeGENIE, creators can now achieve the same effect with a handheld, pocket-sized, wireless machine that comes at a fraction of the price. "This next-level technology has already raised eyebrows among industry professionals," says Inner Circle's Sales director and managing partner, Noel Duncan. "Its popularity is only going to increase as the film and entertainment worlds discover exactly what the new device is capable of."

By allowing independent filmmakers to create cinematic effects that are on-par with any professional production, SmokeGENIE has opened up new avenues for creativity -- and new markets for smoke and haze products.

"Finding groundbreaking products from around the world is central to Inner Circle Distribution's mission," says Craig Singer, Inner Circle's managing partner. "SmokeGENIE is one of those products that will transform the way creators use atmospheric effects in their projects."

Practical Magic & Innovations, the inventors of SmokeGENIE, have long backgrounds that are deeply rooted in the magic and special effects industries. They put that experience to good use when honing their product. Understanding the unique value of a handheld, reliable smoke generator, they worked tirelessly to make that dream a reality. "AT PMI, we believe that the world deserves better tools for creating true, magical experiences," founder Kelvin Chow says. "Magicians are not the only type of people making magic today."

For more information visit www.icd-usa.com/products/smoke-genie.


(19 May 2022)

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