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Studio Charleston in South Carolina Opens

A new top-tier production facility is set to change the production landscape in the Southeast. USA officially opens its doors on May 12, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 6pm.

The studio is a 100,000 sq. ft. production facility with three soundstages, 40' ceilings, cyc-walls, production offices, executive office suites, conference rooms, copy center, and designated areas for construction, prop, wardrobe, and art departments.

According to facility head and Studio Charleston founder Harald Galinski, it is designed for efficient, high-quality production. And will prove to be the key factor in taking the production industry in the South to the next level.

"We believe Studio Charleston will be a major component of the region's production industry," said Galinski. "Feature-films, TV shows, music videos, all types of projects need a facility like this to really function effectively. And South Carolina needs a space like this to compete for those projects."

"You really can't underestimate how important a space like this is to making major motion pictures," said producer Marty Bowen, whose company, Temple Hill Entertainment, produces the Twilight Saga of films and used Studio Charleston's facility for production of their film Dear John. "Having these massive soundstage settings in the same space as functioning production offices, executive suites, and everything else you need to run a project smoothly is perfect."

South Carolina-based production professionals echo Galinski and Bowen's sentiments, viewing Studio Charleston as a substantial aid to business conducted in the state and region.

"Studio Charleston provides not only Hollywood-sized stages, but a turn-key production office complex that makes launching a movie production ten times easier, " said Martin Bluford of High Output, one of the Southeast's leading production suppliers. "Every movie or TV show that shoots here delivers a huge economic boost, ranging from hundreds of technician and production jobs to increased revenues for local businesses, like construction supplies, hardware stores, even restaurants and hotels."


(11 May 2011)

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