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Professional Wireless Introduces ECOFLEX 10 Antenna Cable Assemblies

Professional Wireless low-loss antenna cable assemblies using ECOFLEX 10 cable for wireless audio applications.

Orlando, Florida-based Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) has introduced new ECOFLEX 10 low-loss coaxial cable assemblies designed for today's demanding wireless audio applications. ECOFLEX 10 is a low-loss coaxial cable that features a flexible design and durable jack perfect for touring use.

"ECOFLEX 10 is terminated with BNC Connectors and sold in standard lengths of 25', 50', 75', 100', and 150'," explains Justin Van Winkle, PWS production manager. "The connectors are reinforced with heavy duty adhesive-lined shrink tube which makes the cable even more durable for live wireless applications."

The cable, manufactured by and trademarked by SSB-Electronic GmbH in Germany, is the new standard for wireless audio applications. Advanced manufacturing techniques combined with the use of a low-loss PE-LLC Dielectric yields a foaming rate of more than 70%. This results in very low attenuation.

"The 10.2mm thick cable offers a stranded, oxygen-free copper center conductor which makes it very easy and flexible to install," adds Van Winkle. "SSB's proprietary techniques, continuous center conductor calibration and compression as well as the application of pre-coating results in low losses and good impedance matching."

Further advantages of the cable include the use of double shielding which is constructed of overlapping copper foil plus an additional tight woven copper braid. A screening efficiency of > 90dB @ 1GHz is realized. The copper foil has an applied PE-coating which prevents foil cracking due to short radius bends. The black PVC sheath of ECOFLEX 10 is UV-stabilized.

ECOFLEX 10 is available from PWS in pre-terminated lengths with BNC connectors standard, TNC and N-Type are available upon request. Unterminated cable available in 500' and 1,00 spools. Hand-built and tested in Orlando, Florida.


(6 December 2018)

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