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John Briggs to Retire from TLS Productions, Inc.

John Briggs, TLS Productions, Inc.

TLS Productions, Inc. reports: "John Briggs has spent his entire adult life working 'behind the scenes' of both theatre, film, and event production. At one time, he was the technical director and later producer of a local children's theatre group in Michigan. Early on, he partnered with two others to create the company 'Alternative Light' -- which began a career of working with some of the most recognizable names both in live theatre and popular music. In 1997, Alternative Light was sold to TLS Productions, Inc., where John continued to stay active in the company and its respective industry."

"As far as we at TLS Productions, Inc. are concerned, there will never be another like John Briggs. His involvement with TLS Productions, Inc. over the years can be considered as one of the cornerstones upon which we've built the company that we are today. We wish John Briggs nothing but the best, and we hope he enjoys his retirement to the fullest. There is so much to say about John Briggs, his friends and coworkers overwhelmingly admire John and value the time they have spent working and learning from him."


(2 June 2015)

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