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MegaPointe Makes Mega Impact at Mysteryland

Robe's MegaPointe premiered at Mysteryland 2017. Photo: Louise Stickland

Robe's much-anticipated brand new MegaPointe was launched globally last week ... and the preceding week, 20 MegaPointes were in action on the Main Stage at Mysteryland 2017, one of the Netherlands' best established and most popular dance music extravaganzas.

The MegaPointes were part of a stunning production lighting design by Sander den Otter from T-MINUS Design for the two-day event staged at Haarlemmermeer, a nature reserve just outside Amsterdam. Mysteryland 2017 brought a magical mix of great music, diversity, unity, and superlative production values to 110,000 EDM fans attending from all around the world.

The eye-popping main stage with its complex and beautiful new scenic design by the Mysteryland team -- led by creative director Sander Vermeulen -- was the starting point for den Otter's lighting design.

den Otter has been involved with Mysteryland for some years. His innovative Rotterdam-based visual design practice T-MINUS Design works across multiple sectors -- theatre, musicals, rock 'n' roll, and outdoor spectaculars as well as EDM. Lighting "monumental" visual environments like this requires an imagination and an amalgamation of techniques from all these disciplines and the ability to think big and think pictorially.

den Otter has been using Robe products regularly in his work for the last six or so years and was delighted to be involved in one of the live MegaPointe debuts.

The luminaires were positioned on the undersides of a series of large scenic pipes running up and around the set architecture, and were utilized extensively by den Otter's front-of-house operating team ... as well as by all the visiting lighting and visual designers working that stage with their artists over the weekend.

MegaPointes threw light hundreds of meters out into the crowds for the camera shots -- the event was both streamed and recorded -- and created a dazzling array of funky, retina-burning effects during the various DJ sets. The line-up included many "greats" like Armin van Buuren, Axwell & Ingrosso, Oliver Heldens, Deadmau5, etc.

The intensity of the units was "excellent" commented den Otter. He also appreciated the large zoom which make it a "proper and very nice" spot luminaire as well as a powerful beam -- just one of many features ticking the "multi-functional" box, together with the prisms and myriad of other effects.

They were perfect for audience illumination and capturing the enthusiasm and spirit of the Mysteryland fans, actively engaging with them as their potent beams swept back and forth and up and down across the massive packed arena.

For an event like this, flexibility is a key to any lighting fixture and they have to run and provide a variety of looks for long operating periods.

Brightness is also fundamental .... 90 percent of the show is in daylight, so any luminaire has to compete with the most powerful lightsource on the planet -- the sun.

"You can really see the brightness potential when you start pointing MegaPointes in the air," stated den Otter.

He commented that the reliability seemed to be that "rock solid Robe" standard you expect -- also essential for this style of event where the luminaires were in exposed positions and had to be resistant to rain, wind, dust, and a number of other environmental conditions.

Mysteryland 2017 was another great success for all involved, adding its own chapter to the history and development of Robe's latest technology ... underlining the importance of this key product launch for the Czech manufacturer.


(13 September 2017)

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