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COVID-19 Update, January 22, 2021: The Federal Blitz

Now it gets interesting. With President Biden coming in, a flurry of new regulations follows designed to boost vaccinations, increase testing, and producer more protective gear. And not a moment too soon: The numbers of the infected are reaching staggering levels and new worries have arisen regarding the local variants of the coronavirus. Immediate prospects are bleak, but at last we'll see what a national policy can do.

The latest:

COVID-19 has now killed more than 400,000 Americans: tinyurl.com/yynfspy7.

President Biden announces a new and dramatically different approach to fighting COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y64pt8yr. One plan is to open 100 FEMA-run vaccinations sites in the next month: tinyurl.com/yxw97qn3. Biden also directs OSHA to deliver new guidance to employers on keeping workers safe: tinyurl.com/y2oa9wsr.

Dr. Anthony Fauci describes the president-elect's vaccine rollout plan -- 100 million doses in 100 days, as "doable:" tinyurl.com/yy4kfwp3.

He also says that new mutant strains of the coronavirus have emerged from Brazil and South Africa tinyurl.com/yxelr6p7.

Don't get too excited, but the US' COVID-19 numbers are inching in the right direction: tinyurl.com/y2d2xekh.

The UK COVID-19 variant could become the dominant strain in the US by March, experts warn: tinyurl.com/y2nrfcg5.

htfcg5 Some variants of the coronavirus may be less susceptible to vaccines: tinyurl.com/y3m2l4lr.

The head of the World Health Organization descries vaccine access inequity between rich and poor nations: tinyurl.com/y2sc255e.

Your questions about vaccine production answered: tinyurl.com/yxzo6p6l.

Vaccine skepticism goes viral in Eastern Europe: tinyurl.com/y3tjqysq.

The FAA approves in-airport coronavirus screenings: tinyurl.com/yy3zr5kq.

Promising results for a new treatment for COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y5oskql8.

New unemployment claims hit 900,000, marginally better than expected but still a terrible number: tinyurl.com/y2nftvjd.

A new survey of theatergoers reveals a microscopic number of them feel good about attend shows right now; there is overwhelming support for vaccines and mask wearing: tinyurl.com/yxfum9db.

With infections rising among players, the NBA struggles to confront the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/y5zm74vd.

Food for thought:

The long, sad story of how the US failed to control the coronavirus; at the heart of it is a profound denial of science: tinyurl.com/yypbsrmz.

How the smash Broadway musical Moulin Rouge! was devastated by the pandemic: tinyurl.com/y53bpbb2.

Around the country:

In California:

County scientists say that one in three Los Angeles residents have been infected with COVID-19 tinyurl.com/y3vcvf8x. LA becomes the first county to report one million COVID-19 cases: tinyurl.com/y5p7uwu3. The state is the first to reach three million cases: tinyurl.com/y2xen5ae.

Vaccines are not reaching those Californians most at risk for COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y2rc4hv7.

Yet another variant of the coronavirus is discovered: tinyurl.com/y2sqyrmq.

A surge of COVID-19 cases among dock workers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach threatens to shut down some terminals: tinyurl.com/yxzfhd9s.

Researchers who predicted the state's current surge offer a look into the future of the pandemic: tinyurl.com/y2x9d8u6.

The January 19 episode of the NBC series This Is Us is put off, thanks to "COVID-related production delays:" tinyurl.com/y5xvkse2.

Sony delays the releases of several feature films until early 2022: tinyurl.com/yyp6m7pe.

The James Bond film No Time to Die has been postponed. Again: tinyurl.com/yxs2yqpz.

In Florida:

The numbers are rising again, with four times as many residents dying of COVID-19 compared to November: tinyurl.com/yyptpyxj.

The state experiences a record-breaking 1,600 COVID-19 deaths in a single week: tinyurl.com/y2ouva3x.

More than 100 students and staff at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando have gone into quarantine: tinyurl.com/y2xcq3h8.

The effort is on to vaccinate residents at the state's assisted living facilities: tinyurl.com/y6hp38qf.

The state has the highest number of the UK-variant coronavirus in the country: tinyurl.com/y3zjybc4.

Striking a blow against vaccine tourism, the state's surgeon general warns that vaccines are intended only for residents: tinyurl.com/y5cpxtch.

In a sign of the times, Disney World isn't selling annual passes and they may not be available again until 2022: tinyurl.com/yxlej67y.

In Illinois:

The CEO of United Airlines wants to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for the company's employees: tinyurl.com/yysaoaed.

In Massachusetts:

The state's health experts are fired up about the president-elect's vaccine rollout plan: tinyurl.com/yxnulg64.

The state's stay-at-home advisory and early closure order will end on January 25: tinyurl.com/y6kwohhq.

In New York:

The See Lighting Foundation, which gives out $500 monthly grants to immigrant theatre artists, has raised $141,000 so far: tinyurl.com/yydx3wkv.

In Texas:

Comedian Dave Chappelle tests positive for COVID-19, cancels the rest of his Austin residency: tinyurl.com/y22uzqca.

In West Virginia:

The state emerges as a vaccine distribution success story: tinyurl.com/y6fryt4z.

Around the world:

In Australia:

Dozens of players at the Australian Open, exposed to COVID-19, have been put in quarantine: tinyurl.com/y4g7cucj.

In Brazil:

With experts sidelined, the country's vaccination plan is stalled: tinyurl.com/y5n6ojov.

In Dubai:

After reopening for tourism, the emirate is facing a new surge of COVID-19 cases: tinyurl.com/yyt4rdag.

In France:

The organizers of the Cannes Film Festival are looking to postpone to July: tinyurl.com/yypws6w8.

In Germany:

Lockdown is extended util February 14: tinyurl.com/y5rv3ulf.

In Israel:

The country strikes a deal with Pfizer to trade medical data for additional vaccine doses: tinyurl.com/y46a6qdd.

A single dose of the Pfizer vaccine provides less protection than previously hoped, says the country's coronavirus czar: tinyurl.com/y3cp9vh3.

In Japan:

Hospitals in some regions, stressed by the pandemic, are close to collapse: tinyurl.com/y6aauv67.

In Lebanon:

The country signs an agreement with Pfizer to purchase 2.1 million doses of its vaccine: tinyurl.com/y2zuewjh.

In Portugal:

With 14,767 COVID-19 cases recorded in a day, the country experiences one of the world's worst surges: tinyurl.com/y2fu9nc9.

The government shuts schools for two weeks: tinyurl.com/y5je4sbj.

In the UK:

The government's goal is for every adult in the country to receive a first vaccine shot by September: tinyurl.com/yyzkvou8.

In a new sign of trouble for the West End, the musical Frozen has postponed its opening due to the continuing uncertainties of lockdown: tinyurl.com/yyog9t9c.

Les Misérables: The Staged Concert, scheduled for a London run February 16 - 28, has been canceled: tinyurl.com/yxtlr46d. The same for the Come from Away concert, set to run February 10 - 27: tinyurl.com/yxfvb6gl.

In a development that raises questions about the summer concert season, Glastonbury has been canceled for the second time: tinyurl.com/y2oh2hkz.


Elijah Moshinsky, noted opera director: tinyurl.com/yxth42xg/a>.

Philip J. Smith, former co-chair and CEO of The Shubert Organization: tinyurl.com/y3dzzj9k.

Phil Spector, music industry legend and convicted murderer: tinyurl.com/y3cldnp3.


Episode 31 of 4Wall Entertainment's Sunday Roundtable features production managers, technical supervisors, and producing directors from Broadway, Lincoln Center, Disney, and regional theatre. Sam Ellis (Broadway), Elisabeth Farwell-Moreland (Seattle Rep), Paul Smithyman (Lincoln Center Theatre, Broadway), and David S. Stewart (Disney Parks Live) join hosts Drew Quinones and Jeff Croiter to talk about their career paths, how they're managing during the shutdown, their thoughts on restarting, and the current state of the industry. Episode 31 will be available to stream on January 24, 2021 at 7pm EST on 4Wall's Facebook Live and YouTube pages, and will remain available afterwards. Facebook: bit.ly/4Wall-Sunday-Roundtable-Ep-31-FB.

YouTube: bit.ly/4Wall-Sunday-Roundtable-Ep-31-YT.

Obsidian Control Systems announces a new four-part webinar series for its ONYX Control Platform. Starting January 26, the webinar series will be presented in an easy-to-follow online format, allowing anyone with without ONYX experience to get a comprehensive understanding of the powerful software. The webinar, hosted by ONYX training specialist David Henry and product manager Matthias Hinrichs, will utilize the upcoming 4.6 Version of ONYX, allowing powerful effects using the DyLOS pixel composer, which now not only interacts with color pixels but can drive any fixture's parameter like movements and intensity with incredible ease and creativity. Each training is 3 hours long and will start at 10am PST. The events take place January 26 (beginner), January 28 (intermediate), February 2 (advanced), and February 4 (DyLOS Pixel Composer). Sign up at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/137357384635/.


From Boston Symphony Orchestra: January 28, at noon: Making her BSO debut, Anna Rakitina leads a BSO program featuring Prokofiev's Symphony No. 1, Classical, Arvo Pärt's Fratres, with violin soloist Gil Shaham, and Stravinsky's The Firebird Suite; chamber music performance of Missy Mazzoli's Set That on Fire, featuring BSO musicians Elizabeth Klein, flute; Thomas Martin, clarinet; Thomas Siders, trumpet; and Valeria Vilker Kuchment, violin; with guest pianist Vytas Baksys; available for viewing through February 27 at www.bso.org/now.

Metropolitan Playhouse presents its next free screened reading, live-streamed at no charge, with talkback to follow: The Sleeping Car, by William Dean Howell, January 23 at 8pm. Running time is 60 minutes. www.metropolitanplayhouse.org. The video will be available through Wednesday, January 27 on the Playhouse webpage, the Metropolitan Playhouse YouTube channel, and the Metropolitan Playhouse Facebook page.

Weekend playlist:

Melissa Errico offers Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg's "Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe:" tinyurl.com/yxbodazo.

Brian Stokes Mitchell offers "The Impossible Dream," by Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh, from Man of La Mancha: tinyurl.com/y5b9mzhz.

Ray Bolger and Ann Miller tap their way through Irving Berlin's "Puttin' on the Ritz:" tinyurl.com/y3r746g5.

A gang of Broadway performers offers "Seasons of Love," by Jonathan Larson, from Rent performed on the television special Celebrating America on Inauguration Day: tinyurl.com/yyj9dtq3.

Audra McDonald puts her stamp on "Summertime," from Porgy and Bess: tinyurl.com/y2nuzsuy.

That's the story this week. Have a great weekend. Stay safe. - DB

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Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources

(22 January 2021)

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