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SparkBlaster -- the Non-Pyrotechnic Spark Generators

Demonstration of the SparkBlaster's fountains

The new SparkBlaster indoor fountain machine creates a cold spark fountain from a special granulate. The sparks exit the SparkBlaster unit at a very low temperature, so this does not cause any fire hazard, unlike similar pyrotechnic effects.

A special stage effect must seamlessly integrate with existing lighting setups and other special effects, so the SparkBlaster is fully DMX controllable through two DMX channels. The display at the back of the device shows the temperature of the heating device during heat-up period. When having reached the operating temperature, the SparkBlaster can emit sparks continuously, usually no re-heating time is required. It is possible to adjust the sparks emission height via DMX.

The SparkBlaster spark effects generators are perfectly suitable for the use at festivals, on any kind of stage, or by mobile DJs. They create spectacular special effects indoor as well as outdoor.

There is no explosive content, nor is there any hazardous content to deal with. The single-handle design makes it easy to transport and protects the connectors at the back of the unit at the same time. As there are no air inlets at the side of the SparkBlaster units, it is possible to place them side-by-side to create dense walls of spark fountains.

The consumables for the SparkBlaster, a special granulate, is affordable and easy to handle. It comes in 250g packages that last for about 20 minutes SparkBlaster operation time.



(11 September 2017)

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