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Chauvet Professional Brings New Products to PRO 2015

Chauvet Professional Rogue RH1 Hybrid

From a tiny hybrid moving head fixture that blasts out concert-scale brightness and dazzling effects, to a "smart" relay pack that can actually trim the cost of running LED fixtures, Chauvet Professional will be showing innovations in all aspects of professional lighting/video at PRO 2015 (aka The Performance and Venue Technology Show), held in Birmingham, UK, September 12 - 14 at the NEC. The company's display will be broad in scope, with some of the must-sees including: PVP X3, a high-resolution LED video panel that produces incredibly sharp and detailed images; STRIKE 4, a powerful and versatile COB LED warm white wash fixture that can multi-function as an audience blinder, strobe-type effect, broadcast light and more; and exciting additions to the groundbreaking Rogue Series of compact moving heads, including a hybrid beam/spot model (Rogue RH1 Hybrid).

"At Chauvet Professional, we put a lot of thought into developing products that meet lighting professionals' 'wish list' and offer the performance enhancements and features that our customers demand, so we're very excited to display our latest offerings at PRO 2015," said Michael Brooksbank, general manager of Chauvet Europe. "Whether you're designing for a nightclub venue, theatre, concert tour, or one-off event, you'll want to check out our pro show booth to see some very innovative, and highly affordable, lighting, video, and control solutions."

Here is a preview of some of the above-mentioned highlights that will be on display at Chauvet Professional's PRO 2015 booth #H031/ H031A.

The company says "high-resolution LED video reaches new performance heights with the PVP X3," an LED display panel that features a tight 3.9mm pixel pitch and SMD 2121 black body tri-color (red, green, blue) LEDs, to achieve the highest-in-class contrast and richness of detail. With standard illuminance of 1,560 nits (adjustable up to 2,100 nits) and wide 130-degree viewing angle, the PVP X3 delivers brilliant color reproduction and exceptional clarity at both close-range and far-range distances over a broad spectating area. Ideal for touring as well as permanent installations, the lightweight 8.5kg (18.7lb) panel is easy to assemble into video screens and walls of all sizes. It features magnetic LED modules for easy road replacement, and low power consumption (115W), which allows large sections of wall to be powered from a single circuit.

The ultimate multi-format warm white LED wash, the STRIKE 4 will give any lighting pro an edge over the competition with its output (640 lux at 5m) and versatility to be used across many production genres. Featuring four independently focusable 100W COB (chip on board) LEDs, it offers great coverage and flexibility, along with smooth 16-bit dimming control for incandescent-style fades. Automated strobe effects make the STRIKE 4 great for use as an audience blinder as well, while its individual manual pan control of each LED pod and adjustable PWM are ideal for on-camera applications.

An indispensable tool for fixed installations with LED fixtures, the Synapse-4 functions as an "intelligent" relay pack that can control the power sent to individual lighting units, maximizing energy savings, and providing great flexibility in control. Rack, truss, or wall-mountable, the Synapse-4 takes one powerCON input and branches it into four outputs, each of which can be powered off individually when the fixture is not in use, resulting in a significant power savings. To provide maximum flexibility, the four outputs can be controlled a variety of ways: via DMX; upon sensing the loss of the DMX signal; or, via an internal timer that allows users to command that individual outputs be turned on or off automatically at specific times each day.

The company says the most extraordinary model in Chauvet Professional's popular Rogue Series to date, "the Rogue RH1 Hybrid takes this game-changing family of moving heads to new levels of excitement and functionality." Combining a powerful beam and spot effect in one compact unit, this amazingly versatile light can produce a tight beam angle of 1- to 4.5-degree in beam mode, and a zoom angle of 5- to 19-degree in spot mode, for an array of beam size options. Plus, it's got an added frost feature for use as a wash effect as well. Powered by a 330W 8,000K Osram Sirius lamp, the Rogue RH1 Hybrid offers a designer's "dream palette" of mind-blowing visual effects, including: two layerable prisms (five- and eight-facet); two gobo wheels; and 13 vibrant colors. Two DMX profiles -- 25- or 30-channel -- give users programming flexibility.

When it comes to moving head LED color washes, both models feature an innovative LED engine design that utilizes high-power 15W quad-color RGBW LEDs, all configured under a single zooming lens plate, to provide smooth shadow-free color blending, potent output, and an exceptionally even field of light. Their versatile zoom gives the Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash greater flexibility to meet a variety of design needs. The R2 model also offers five-zone control for creating exciting pixel and eye candy effects, in addition to RGBW color washes.

See the above products in action at Chauvet Professional's PRO Show Booth # H031/ H031A.



(26 August 2015)

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