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Hippotizer Media Servers Make a Good Heart Easy to Find

Motion Mapping of Calthwaite Hall. Photo: Motion Mapping and Passion 4 Events

Internationally recognized for its work at vast events, such as the Super Bowl Halftime show and Eurovision, Green Hippo technology also shines in more intimate settings, including weddings.

Green Hippo is understandably proud of its associations with massive events -- think the Super Bowl Halftime show and Eurovision for starters -- where its media servers are trusted to run the "real-time show," but its high-performance video processing also gets lots of love from those working on smaller but, undoubtedly, equally important projects.

Weddings are one of the many happenings where Hippotizer Media Servers can help make a gathering even more memorable. With such a strong desire for the personal touch, weddings offer the perfect opportunity for designers to bring a mark of individuality to a venue, and this is where Hippotizer's projection mapping comes to the fore. A shining example of how projection mapping can transform a venue and a building is Motion Mapping's recent project at Cumbrian venue, Calthwaite Hall.

The Essex-based creatives' brief was to create stunning visual content to complement the happy couple's favorite piece of music; Coldplay's "A Sky Full of Stars." Using a Hippotizer Amba Media Server, Motion Mapping controlled the set-up via Hippotizer's ZooKeeper, loaded on to a tablet, and used SHAPE, Hippotizer's projection mapping tool set, to transform the Grade II listed venue.

A Datapath Fx4 was utilized to split the signal to a pair of Cat6-connected Panasonic 20,000 lumens projectors, both of which were placed 3.5m high on trussing. Using this relatively compact set-up, Motion Mapping delivered beautiful images directly on to Calthwaite Hall's fa├žade, and all from a discreet 75m away from the building itself.

The result of this perfect union of Motion Mapping's creative vision and Hippotizer's powerful SHAPE 3D mapping was a wedding venue transformed from "beautiful" to "beautiful and beautifully personal." The projection show was also the wedding gift that just keeps on giving, with the video of the mapping having, to date, amassed an incredible 260,000 views on various social platforms!

Commenting on the Cumbrian event, Motion Mapping's Stuart Harris said: "Hippotizer linked with ZooKeeper on the tablet makes it so versatile and easy to run a show, even with a small team!"

James Roth, head of sales and marketing at Green Hippo, commented: "It's really exciting to see that Hippotizer Media Servers are being used for a wide range of different projects -- from very big events like Eurovision and the Academy Awards, to smaller ones, like weddings. We, at Green Hippo, understand and appreciate the constantly changing needs of the professionals in the AV world; Green Hippo's product range is designed to serve those needs, after all!"


(30 November 2017)

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