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Elation Adds Innovative World Premiere Product Launches to PLASA Line-Up

Elation Professional's Artiste Dali moving head luminaire

Elation Professional has added two world premiere product launches to its list of innovative product offerings at the upcoming PLASA Show in London. Showing at stand H40 for the first time anywhere, Elation will be debuting the Artiste Dali, a full-featured moving head with state-of-the-art LED / laser phosphor light engine and the second luminaire in Elation's Artiste series. The second world premiere product is the new Dartz 360, a unique, full color-mixing LED beam/spot luminaire with gobos and effects that gives all new projection possibilities from a narrow-beam luminaire. Both luminaires have been nominated for a PLASA Award for Innovation.

Artiste Dali: The new Artiste Dali is a full-featured moving head with innovative LED / laser phosphor light engine that gives greater spot and beam capabilities from one luminaire. The unique hybrid light engine combines a 300W LED source and 100W laser phosphor source for improved spot/beam functionality. The laser phosphor source produces a denser beam with a level of brightness not possible with LED alone. By combining the two sources, users get a spot with extra punch (15,000 lumens) in an energy-efficient solution. Features include eFly wireless DMX, CMY+CTO variable color mixing, color wheel, rotating and static gobos, prisms, animation, zoom, and frost. Combined with the powerful new LED/laser phosphor engine, the Artiste Dali provides the latest technology and professional performance to fit into a variety of applications and designs.

Dartz 360: The new Dartz 360 is a unique, full color-mixing LED beam/spot fixture with gobos and effects that gives all new projection possibilities from a narrow-beam luminaire. A single-source 50W RGB LED engine produces a powerful and tight 3-degree beam for smooth, color-mixed beam effects similar to a discharge lamp. Extremely bright for its wattage and size, a combined LED engine source/optics package provides better field and brighter output than previous multi-chip LED "beam" solutions. The Dartz 360 is also compact and phenomenally fast with continuous 360-degree pan and tilt movement added to the gobos, dual prisms, frost, and remote focus.



(11 September 2017)

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