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Snycrolite Shares Star-Studded Stage at Made in America Festival

SyncroMITE Beam display for Made in America Festival

The Budweiser Made in America Festival returned to Philadelphia for its fifth season this Labor Day weekend with a star-studded lineup including the Syncrolite XL and SyncroMITE Beam. Rihanna and Coldplay headlined the weekend that was filled with great music, food, and fun. Patrick Dierson, principal designer for The-Activity and lighting designer for the festival, best explains how the Syncrolite products were used. "The XL's were an absolute workhorse for the festival's main stage as they became the main source of wash light for the rig. Originally specified by Rihanna's LD, Jesse Blevins, for her performance we had decided that due to load-in constraints that it might be best if we simply brought these in at the start of the build and made them the overall festival wash light. I was slightly hesitant at first but the end result was fantastic. They not only looked great both live and on camera for the festival's broadcast but they were extremely reliable and gave us virtually no fuss whatsoever."

Dierson continued saying "this was our first foray with the new SyncroMITE Beam and they absolutely lived up to our expectations. I was looking to accent the festival's main stage with a classic searchlight effect but was somewhat constrained on space and placement. It being the smallest of the Syncrolite family of products, the MITES fit the bill physically and we were blown away with their output. We expected them to be good but were pleasantly surprised at just how far they exceeded our expectations. These are definitely units that we're looking to utilize more often in the immediate future."


(29 September 2016)

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