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J. R. Clancy Expands SceneControl Series

J. R. Clancy's SceneControl 5000 stage automation control system series

At the USITT Stage Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 21-23, J. R. Clancy, Inc., will unveil a new rigging control system that expands its SceneControl 5000 line, with the flexibility schools and universities need to grow as their production values become more complex in booth 400.

Clancy has partnered with Niscon, Inc., creators of the Raynok Motion Control System, to develop the SceneControl 5000 Stage Automation Control System series. The SC5000 series extends the already popular SceneControl series of rigging control systems, taking the system's functionality to new levels.

The SC5000 series offers multi-level cueing, sub-master control, free and locked groups, and unlimited numbers of axes in a system. There are no restrictions on the quantity of cues in a performance, or on the number of stored show files or concurrent axes in motion.

At USITT, Clancy introduces the SceneControl 5300, a compact, mid-level operator console that can serve as the main operator interface as well as a localized backstage console. The SC5300 has a 15.1" capacitive touch screen, which provides an intuitive, easy to use interface.

The SC5300 has the capability to create exciting scene changes and dramatic visuals for any performance in any venue, the company says.

"The SceneControl 5300 brings greater flexibility to theatres in educational settings, allowing stage technicians to incorporate different kinds of equipment like chain motors, turntables, stage wagons, performer hoists, and user-built stage machinery and effects," said Larry Eschelbacher, J. R. Clancy director of engineering. "High schools, colleges, and universities can produce shows with the same production values students see in New York or Las Vegas, using the SC5300 as their rigging control system for all of these effects."

The SceneControl 5300's administrative capabilities are as flexible and extensive as its show control functionality, the company notes. Password-protected access levels keep unauthorized users out of the system, while offsite secure access allows Clancy to perform remote diagnostics. Error checks are continuously performed and alarms, actions, and faults are logically recorded and stored in LOG files for diagnostics.

Safety is of particular concern when young technicians use rigging systems, especially when they are learning to use the control system for the first time. With the SC5300, technical directors and production managers can choose the safety level and redundancies that suit their venues and budget, including independently reviewed and certified SIL-3 safety systems.

"Once a venue has made a hardware purchase, additional capabilities become plug-and-play," said Andy McArthur, J. R. Clancy's director of sales. "There's no need to fear buying an entry-level system and having it become obsolete because your school's needs change over time. Your SceneControl system can grow with your performance space."


(19 March 2013)

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