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Isadora Creator Mark Coniglio Offers Workshops this July at 3LD Art and Technology Center

Tech guru and media artist Mark Coniglio, whose groundbreaking work fusing art and technology with Troika Ranch has received wide critical acclaim, returns to 3LD Art and Technology Center this summer to offer two workshops in Isadora, the pioneering interactive media software he created. The Intro Course is on Monday, July 8 from 10am - 4pm and is $100; and the Master Class is Tuesday, July 9 - Friday, July 12 from 10am - 4pm. The Intro Course fee is $100; the Master Class fee is $650 (and includes a one-year license for Isadora). The fee for both the Intro and Master Class is $700 (and incudes a one-year license for Isadora). Courses take place at 3LD Art and Technology Center (80 Greenwich Street, at Rector, in downtown Manhattan).

Due to the demand of these courses, participation will be determined by application. Applications are due by May 27, 2013; selections will be made by May 30, 3013. To apply, submit one paragraph that details your interest in attending the workshop and one paragraph that describes your creative work. Also include a short description of your level of computer experience. Please include name, address, telephone number, and email address. Send applications to james@3leggeddog.org with Isadora workshop in the subject line.

Isadora is the award-winning, interactive-media presentation tool that allows users to follow their artistic impulse. Artists, designers, performers, or VJs can quickly and easily harness the limitless potential of digital media and real-time interactivity with Isadora.

Designed by an artist for artists, Isadora's welcoming environment invites even those new to the world of digital media to learn by playing and experimenting. Programming Isadora is easy. The user interface is carefully crafted to make both creative improvisation and fine-tuning a breeze.

Isadora is as limitless as the user's imagination. Over 250 basic building blocks can be linked in a nearly infinite number of ways, allowing users to create and manipulate stunning visuals, sonic environments, and media-intensive theatrical experiences. Whether it's a simple sequence to present video clips in a play, or a rich, textured interactive performance that responds in real-time to a performer's action, Isadora has it covered.

Both the Intro course and the Master Class will be taught by Mark Coniglio, creator of the Isadora software. The curriculum will be specifically tailored to the group of students in the room and their respective skill level.

Created by composer and media-artist, Mark Coniglio, Isadora was initially developed to realize the performances of Troika Ranch, the pioneering media intensive dance company he co-founded with fellow CalArts graduate Dawn Stoppiello. Isadora reflects over 20 years of practical experience with real-time live performance and media interactivity.


(14 May 2013)

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