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EXE-Rise Hoists Support Neg Earth Lights' Busy Schedule

Neg Earth Lights has added more than 200 EXE-RISE units to its inventory.

The complete trust that Neg Earth Lights (www.negearth.com) has put into EXE Technology products was clearly demonstrated last year when they purchased more than 200 new EXE-RISE units within a six-month period.

Recent purchases included 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg, and 2000kg units, all featuring the new 8:1 safety factor standard and FEM class 2m rating, along with some specific Neg Earth Lights customization.

For more than 30 years, London-based Neg Earth Lights has been among the premiere entertainment lighting and rigging hire companies in the live events industry. For a wide range of clients, it provides premium levels of support and value through the provision of skills and advice in project management, design, fabrication, and maintenance, together with the supply of crew, for large scale music festivals, tours, ceremonies, sporting events, theatrical production, and corporate events. The company's aim is to always be at the forefront of innovation and design while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Neg Earth discusses why it chose EXE-RISE hoists and how they had been performing on the job. "The current EXE-RISE hoist (8:1 range) has seen some fantastic improvements. For example, the way in which the wiring has been arranged internally, and also the upgrade of the limit switch assembly, especially in the 500kg hoist. Mechanical improvements have seen the chain size increase, leading to a higher safety factor. Another great part of the EXE-RISE is the external nylon guide used, with a carefully designed chain opening to avoid damage to internal components if the chain sees any twists. This guide is so important with regards to longevity of the hoist. The way in which you can remove this guide in two sections on the 500kg hoist saves time, money, and allows the technician to make the change without having to remove the chain. The chasses have carefully machined gaskets that allow for a high IP rating, and so far, this has proven to work well in the toughest of outdoor tours. As stadium tours get larger, and as hoists exposure to the elements increases, this serves to be an important factor to the life of the hoist."

When asked what the advantages of using EXE-RISE hoists are for Neg Earth, the company responded: "The new EXE-RISE range consists of fixed speed hoists that meet the latest safety requirements. Not only are the hoists great pieces of equipment, they also provide service at the highest level."

When addressing the EXE-RISE reliability, the company said: "They're proving to be very reliable and durable on tough tours. It took a little time at first to change people's opinions about them, but now many renowned riggers are asking specifically for EXE-RISE. This is really great feedback, since we usually don't hear many comments on hoists, as we normally get on lighting or other aspects of this industry."

Describing where the EXE-RISE hoists Neg Earth purchased last year were used, the company answered: "There were many events where they were used, but the stand out shows included Phil Collins, Guns 'N Roses, Take That + ELO (Chris Vaughan -- production director), Volbeat, Sting, Blink 182, and The Rolling Stones."

Finally, reflecting on the service from Area Four UK and EXE Technology, the company shared: "The service provided from both companies has been second to none. In an industry that requires such a high level of service at short notice, it's very important to know that when we need assistance they will make that extra step."

Contact your local Area Four Industries distribution office in the UK, Germany, or America for a test drive of an EXE Technology product or contact the EXE Technology factory directly.



(9 February 2018)

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