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From Live Events to COVID-19 Response to New Office Shields Workspace Protection

Office Shields Dividers

Office Shields, a division of Drape Kings, was created after Drape Kings transitioned from servicing live events to assisting in COVID-19 rapid response needs. Drape Kings was commissioned by local, state, and federal government agencies to help build over 1,500 hospital beds with over five-miles of drape in NYC in less than five days. The company pivoted swiftly and came prepared to face the challenges with a resourceful, dedicated COVID-19 rapid response team.

The company now turns its attention to crafting several protective products to enable government offices, higher education institutions, and businesses across all industries to return to work with higher safety protocols for their staff, students, and guests. Office Shields understands the need for quality social distancing solutions in record speed as the country ramps back up to reopening businesses in a safer workspace environment.

Office Shields offers a variety of protective product solutions for safely returning back to work and school including: Social Distancing Dividers, Fabric Masks, Crowd Control, Temperature Stations, and Hand Sanitizer Stands, with attention to detail and the ability to customize to meet customer needs. Keep the distance, stay connected with Office Shields.

Office Shields Dividers, or hygiene barriers, are offered in standard and custom sizing, crafted from rigid materials, as well as quality, double sided, velour drape for open spaces in retail and hospitality. The sneeze guards are built from quality materials with lasting value. Office Shields offers unique service standards, providing delivery of core designs in three-to-five business days and custom designs in 10-15 business days. The company's in-house design team can also develop custom dividers to suit any workspace environment. Office Shields dividers provide a high-quality, sleek, architectural aesthetic at an affordable price. With access to plexiglass and alternative materials that are scarce, Office Shields delivers with speed to meet customer timelines.

Office Shields Fabric Masks are hand-crafted in comfortable materials to help protect people and communities. The fabric masks are breathable and machine washable, made in an easy-to-wear design with durable elastic over the ears. Masks can be customized with company or school logos for achieving both protection and pride in the workspace. Standard masks deliver in three-to-five business and are sold in bundles of 25, 50, and 100 units. All masks include free shipping.

Office Shields Crowd Control offers a range of stanchions, signage, and floor/wall decals to mark workspace areas, adhering to today's recommendation for social distancing. Remind employees and guests of the new safety protocols to wear masks, maintain social distancing of 6' apart and wash hands frequently. These practical products with clean graphics are easy to install and important to maintaining a healthy environment.

Office Shields Temperature Stations meet the needs of companies today by regularly monitoring the health of their employees. This is a safety checkpoint to add to protect both the staff and business from potential widespread illness. Temperature Stations are easily operated to add a single checkpoint in the workspace to assure health of all staff prior to beginning the workday. Monitoring the health of the team today is a safety standard employers want to uphold to protect both its staff and the business from potential widespread illnesses.

Office Shields Self-Fill Hand Sanitizer Stands are perfect for the entrance to the workspace or any central areas where the team needs to be reminded of extra precautions with these new hygiene enhancement products. Portable, durable, and easy to refill. Send the message that frequent hand washing and sanitizing is required for a safe and secure workspace environment.

Dru Whitacre, CEO of Office Shields, states, "Our new Office Shields brand delivers quality protective products, useable designs, accessible price points, and premiere customer service. Our design, installation, and customer experience teams will assist you in planning all aspects of your return to work product needs. We understand the real-life challenges of bringing our schools, government offices, and businesses across all industries back to operating successfully and safely again. We bring the same speed to market in our product deliverables that we developed over years in the live event industry."

For more information on Office Shields: call 201.350.8277 or email sales@officeshields.com.


(2 June 2020)

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