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Follow-Me Tracks Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake in concert on the Man of the Woods tour. Photo: Ralph Larmann

Justin Timberlake is currently on a world tour promoting his most recent hit album Man of the Woods. Lighting is an extremely important element in Justin's live show, and the way that he is key-lit is of utmost importance. Traditional followspots aren't really an option so the Fireplay designed lighting rig incorporated the use of a ground-based tracking system allowing numerous effects which could be used to light Justin wherever he moved on the extensive stage, which covered the entire arena floor.

Mid-way through the tour, Fireplay and Justin's production team realized that the chosen tracking-based followspot system was not up to the demands of the tour. The crew was facing challenges with long set up and calibration times of the system. With numerous successful tours on the road using the Follow-Me system, Fireplay decided to bring that technology to the tour. On their stop in Huston, Texas, they switched to Follow-Me's Remote Follow-Spot System.

Montreal-based Solotech, who is the lighting and video vendor for the tour, provided the Follow-Me Remote Follow-Spot system for Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods tour. They have a Follow-Me product specialist who oversees all its tours that are using Follow-Me, ensuring that everything is operating smoothly and efficiently.

"What we like about the Follow-Me Remote Follow-Spot System is its laser precision, and accurate position of the cameras and instruments in the air, that provide a quick calibration and system set up saving us two to three hours on each set up," commented Antoine Malette, technical advisor for Solotech's lighting department.

Follow-Me's Remote Follow-Spot System has provided a new freedom for Solotech and the followspot operators. Once they get to know the system, they find that it is really easy to use. All the operators have to do is keep Justin in the cross-hairs and follow him around the stage.

The system is software based using a camera and moving lights in the truss. The operator sits at a computer controlling the entire system via a mouse, monitoring the stage from the camera feed on a MAC computer. "We have the freedom to move the lights via the mouse to highlight any performer on the stage, using our choice of lights," remarks Malette.

Solotech has duplicated the set up to create a 100% redundancy. "It's a lot of gear, however, we also have a vast array of effects. We wanted to ensure we could create the effects desired by lighting designer Nick Whitehouse while tracking Justin at all times," commented Malette.

Whitehouse noted, "the Follow-Me system is fantastic, and the support has been world class. It's the best followspot tool I know of that's fast, accurate, and flexible. It's easy to control any light in the rig at any time and makes lighting JT in this complicated show and large environment easy. I know it's saved JT's lighting director Brian Vaughn hours of time daily which is essential on a show of this size."


(14 March 2019)

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