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BASSMAXX has formally changed their name to BASSBOSS. The BassBoss brand will focus on loudspeaker products that specifically address the extreme demands of electronic and dance music reproduction.

BassBoss loudspeakers are complete, fully integrated systems including processing, amplification, drivers, and cabinets. Every component is developed and chosen not only for its individual performance, but also for its performance in harmony with all other elements of the system.

For the past 14 years lead designer David Lee has been on the forefront of subwoofer development with the BassMaxx brand. "Bass is my passion and the fundamental driving force of electronic music," he said. "With the growing popularity of bass-oriented and electronic dance music comes a greatly increased demand for the loudspeakers we build: products that can achieve higher output and lower frequencies, combined with extraordinary durability. The name BassBoss was chosen because it better communicates the position of leadership the products represent in the professional subwoofer market."

"BassBoss recognizes the producers, promoters, operators, and venue owners who desire to create musical experiences beyond the ordinary," Lee continued. "Years of focus and dedication to subwoofers and bass reproduction has resulted in BassBoss being best able to create the ultimate sensation of electronic dance music."

BassBoss loudspeakers are built using only the finest quality components with unsurpassed sonic performance and proven reliability. The current product line encompasses:
• the ZV28 SubMergence -- Uniquely able to deliver extremely high-output at frequencies as low as 21Hz
• the SSP218 DUB-ill' -- The all-around most versatile subs for any genre, dubstep to doo wop
• the SSP215 and SSP115 -- Compact solutions for when it has to fit and it has to hit
• the DiaMon DJ112 monitor -- Massive output 1,500W monitor, majorly miniaturized
• and Attuned Tops - High-powered towers topped with tweeters.


(16 January 2014)

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