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Now Shipping: ADJ's Compact, Punchy, and Versatile New LED Par

ADJ MOD STQ LED Par luminaire

ADJ introduces the latest addition to its range of LED-powered par-style wash fixtures, the MOD STQ. This professional lighting tool offers a winning combination of punchy output, compact size, and versatile design, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The MOD STQ harnesses the power of seven 8W RGBW LEDs, for a total output of 56W. Each quad color LED features independently-dimmable red, green, blue, and white elements that can be mixed together to deliver a wide palette of different colors. With an average LED lifespan of 50,000 hours, lamp replacements are a thing of the past, while the fixture's total maximum power draw of 57W makes it extremely economical to run. A punchy fixture, the MOD STQ delivers up to 2952 LUX measured at 3m (9.8') with a total output in excess of 2,500 lumens.

A narrow native beam angle of 17-degrees allows the fixture to generate tight shafts of light that are ideal for up lighting and truss warming. However, the unit is also supplied as standard with three frost filters that can easily be applied to widen the beam angle out to 20-, 40-, or 60-degrees when required. This means that the same fixture can also be used to wash stages, dancefloors, or other areas of a venue with a wide swath of colored light. The frost filters are custom-designed to sit flush with the edge of the unit's casing when positioned in front of the LEDs, and four thumb screws are supplied that can be used to easily secure the chosen filter in place.

The MOD STQ has a distinctive design with a black gloss finish. It has a robust metal construction and is fitted with a versatile scissor yoke. The two individual parts of the yoke can either slide together, to form a single hanging bracket, or split apart to form a useful floor-stand. In either configuration, ergonomically-shaped plastic thumbscrews at each side allow the yoke to be locked securely into place at the desired angle.

Further enhancing the flexibility of the MOD STQ, it offers a choice of five operational modes. This allows standalone control using one of 64 in-built static color macros and a variety of pre-programed chase patterns, as well as remote operation using either wired DMX or wireless control from ADJ's UC IR remote or Airstream IR adaptor for iOS devices (both included in the box).

When operated in DMX mode, the unit offers a choice of eight different channel modes (four, five, seven, eight, nine, 12, 13, or 15) -- allowing for the right balance to be achieved between the level of control required and the number of channels available for any given application. A 16-character backlit LCD display on the rear of the fixture, together with four corresponding push buttons, allow for easy mode selection, DMX addressing and customization of the unit's various operating parameters. These include adjustable LED refresh rate and gamma control, as well as a choice between six different dimming curves.

Measuring just 7.75" x 5.5" x 7.4" (197mm x 140mm x 188mm), the MOD STQ is extremely compact and therefore ideal both for situations where a small fixture is required or when transportation space is limited. Weighing in at just 4.4lb (2kg), the unit is also extremely light and therefore convenient to carry and rig. On its base it is fitted with both three-pin and five-pin DMX input and output sockets, allowing for easy integration into any existing control setup. Both input and output twist-lock sockets are also provided for power connectivity, allowing the supply for multiple units to be linked together from a single socket. The unit is supplied with an Edison socket to twist-lock power lead as well as a separate twist-lock power output socket that users can use to make their own power linking cable.

"As an established leader in the manufacture and supply of LED-powered pars, we are excited to debut the latest new addition to our range," enthuses ADJ USA's national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales. "The MOD STQ is an extremely compact and incredibly punchy fixture that offers a great deal of flexibility. From its multi-purpose dual yoke to its choice of frost filters, every aspect of the fixture has been developed to allow it to offer maximum flexibility. It is therefore ideal for use by rental, production, d├ęcor, and entertainment companies, as well as for permanent installation in churches, clubs, bars, lounges, and fun centers."

The MOD STQ is available now from ADJ USA (this product won't be available from ADJ Europe).

To find out more about the ADJ MOD STQ, visit the URL below.



(7 November 2019)

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