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Infinity Sound Installs Biamp's Community Loudspeakers for Live and BGM at FireHouse Gastro Park

Firehouse Gastro Park

Sound and lighting specialist Infinity Sound has completed the design and installation of live and background music sound systems for FireHouse Gastro Park (FHGP) in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Within the original buildings of a 20th century fire station, FHGP is now a unique and diverse hang-out-and-eat location. The venue has been created by owners Jason and Carlee Smith, in collaboration with Rouch Architecture. The FireHouse aesthetic and philosophy was inspired by the Smith's roots in southern California, their passion for the historic building rehab revolution, and Grand Prairie's commitment to preservation and economic development. The original fire station remains at the heart of the FHGP, and the sprawling and evolving space now features indoor and outdoor dining, a secret garden bar, a family-friendly green-space, coffee shop, and a smoke house.

With a "kick back and spend the day" approach, music is a key element of FHGP, particularly live music. In an outdoor area, a shipping container has been converted into a live stage for use by FHGP guest performers and groups and to provide a local concert venue. Infinity Sound designed and installed the performance audio for the live stage, as well as interior and exterior background music and paging systems.

Jerry Tidwell, Infinity Sound's project manager, says, "Biamp's Community loudspeakers were our first choice in providing a quality outdoor array that would meet our client's desire for complete coverage with a system that could handle diverse applications. Flown with IV6 GlidePoint array frames, the system has two arrays, each comprising three IV6-1122 wide-dispersion 12" two-way array elements. Two weather resistant IS6-115 15" subwoofers deliver extended low frequency and bass impact. The sound quality, SPL, and frequency response consistency throughout the audience area is outstanding." Stage monitoring is provided by Biamp's Community MX10 10-inch compact coaxial low profile floor monitors. For the outdoor background music and paging systems, Infinity Sound chose a combination of Biamp's Community D SERIES DS5 two-way 5" and I SERIES IC6-1082WR26 two-way 8" high output surface mount loudspeakers. For the indoor area, with its retro d├ęcor and open ceiling, they chose DP6" high quality two-way pendant loudspeakers.

"With a great live system and high-quality background music throughout, we have delivered the venue and ambiance the FHGP wanted. The client is completely satisfied, as is anyone who visits."



(8 October 2019)

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