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Seriously Magical New Tech for Robe at LDI

Visit Robe at LDI 2023, Booth #911A.

Robe launches four new products on Booth #911A at the 2023 LDI expo in Las Vegas next week -- the iT12 Profile, the T32 Cyc, and two new variants of the PATT series of scenic illumination, the HolyPATT and the MolyPATT.

Additionally, shown for the first time at an expo in North America will be Robe's new iSeries of IP rated and robustly weatherized moving lights -- the iFORTE LTX, together with iESPRITE, iPAINTE, iTetra2 and iBeam350 luminaires, all of which are expected to attract huge interest in North America.

There will be a special preview of a truly unique new generation of searchlight and sky-flower fixtures soon to be launched by Robe -- designed to take the concept of creating outstanding and memorable outdoor lighting moments into a new stratosphere!

The Las Vegas version of Robe's 2023-24 expo spectacular live show, "The Power of Imagination" will be presented five times a day on the booth -- a 9-minute extravaganza of color, movement, and creative energy, highlighting Robe's new and current products in an environment for which they are designed.

Robe will also riff on the synergy of its newly acquired business partner, lighting and media control specialist Avolites -- now "A Robe Business" -- and now enjoying all the benefits of being distributed in the US by Robe North America. Avolites will have a booth next to the main Robe area where it will showcase its latest products.

Robe's architectural LED lighting brand, Anolis, will also have an adjacent booth presenting its latest technologies and products including luminaires from the Ambiane, Calumma, and Eminere ranges.

From single static optically crisp projections to complicated gobo, framing, beam, and color control, the fully weatherized iT12 Profile is an advanced modular outdoor solution for all exterior static projection needs. The fixture has an impressive CRI of 95+ and a 13,000 lumen output.

It offers all the advantages of Robe's TE (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE) technology, the standard Robe T-Series color refinement and consistent and precise replay-ability.

The iSE-MSL-TE 500W TRANSFERABLE ENGINE is an IP65-rated self-referencing, rapid changing TE Multi-Spectral light source, and a cost-effective investment that can be exchanged or replaced.

Other unique Robe innovations like DataSwatch -- for quick selection of the most trusted colours & tones; L3 -- (Low Light Linearity); 18-bit dimming for ultra smooth fades to black; BARS which locks the motorised zoom and focus firmly in position even during power-cycling, and RAINS active management for humidity, temperature and pressure control are all standard.

POLAR+ is a standby mode that maintains instant availability to minus 50° Centigrade for the toughest and coldest environments.

Designed in collaboration with some of the world's leading lighting designers, opera houses and theatres, Robe's T32 Cyc features all the performance, tools, subtlety, and control to assist with making designs even more exciting and visually stimulating, the company says.

Effective cyc lighting has always been challenging, but this product addresses all those past issues and attains greater reach, smoother coverage, and more visual impact than ever before from an LED luminaire.

The low-profile, easily inter-connectable T32 Cyc contains powerful RGBBAL multi-chip LEDs to generate the highest high light levels and faithfully reproduce those full-spectrum colors and tints favored by designers worldwide.

A 6:1 height-to-distance ratio asymmetrical optical system, produced a uniform flat field coverage even when in close proximity to the cyclorama, freeing up valuable stage space for performers, set, props, etc.

From either the top or base of the cyclorama, Robe's unique, patented motorized VertiSpot feature provides vertical crossover point control, superior blending, and vertical output variance, the company says.

Four individually controllable zones offer increased variations and effects and motorised tools facilitating split-second scene changes, giving designers substantially more scope than time-consuming, conventional, manually adjusted fixtures!

The T32 Cyc features Robe's T-Series' color consistency and seamlessly integrates with other lighting, thanks to a virtually controlled CCT range of 2.700K to 8.000K, plus calibrated whites, the DataSwatch onboard colour library and tungsten emulation. All the colors are perfectly rendered with exceptional ratings of CR:96 and TLCI:97, and RGB or CMY color mixing control offers faster programming, the company says.

Adding retro style to broadcasts, events, stages or film sets, Robe's PATT family of LED fixtures has expanded to include these fantastic new variants.

Available in two sizes, the HolyPATT and the larger MolyPATT bring an elegant warm tungsten glow that can add incredible scenic elements to any show with their timeless brushed aluminium finish - well suited for props and set dressing or for simply boosting the ambience in any space.

Based on Robe's PATT2013, the HolyPATT, and MolyPATT feature a 4W LED vintage soft coil filament lamp with a color temperature of 1,800K to illuminate the surrounding transparent high-reflectivity parabolic reflector, producing a warm, atmospheric glow.

Convection cooling means the fixtures are silent in operation and they dim.

Seen at a US Exhibition for the first time:

iFORTE LTX WB is currently the brightest fixture on the market and an ultimate long throw LED wash beam for all environments, the company says, developed for stadium shows, concerts and all events and spectaculars where serious intensity is needed over massive distances.

Powered by Robe's internally designed, developed, patented, and manufactured iSE-TE 1000W XP (Xtra Performance) IP65-rated White LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE, this produces a 335.000 Lux at 5m.

Robe's powerful data-capturing TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology offers all the advantages of field exchange, cost-effective replacement, plus the ability to keep up with LED development to ensure an exceptionally long fixture life. With typical lumen maintenance of L70B50 50.000 hours, the 4-year 20.000-hour warranty gives peace of mind, whatever the weather.

The iFORTE LTX WB can create an imposing visual statement with its beautiful solid beam and 245mm front lens.

Innovative optics help attain outstanding WashBeam functionality. The luminaire also contains three zoom modes: Standard Optical Mode for the widest 3.5° - 55°coverage; a Follow Spot Mode of 2° -55° and Long Throw Follow Spot Mode producing an ultra-tight 0.8° - 2° to deliver tight, crisp beams without any intensity loss over long distances.

The IP65-rated version of Robe's iESPRITE, delivers consistent, hassle-free performance without needing complex maintenance whatever the weather or atmospheric conditions.

This and all other Robe iSeries fixtures dramatically reduce the stress and complications associated with outdoor lighting.

The IP65-rated iESPRITE combines Robe's latest protection technology with the very in-demand ESPRITE product maintaining identical aesthetics, output and features enabling seamless integration between the two different models if desired.

The ingress protection system is specifically designed to facilitate standard maintenance and preparation procedures -- e.g., TRANSFERABLE ENGINE exchange and gobo replacement -- on site and without any additional tools.

To maintain a consistently high lumen output, water, dirt, dust, haze, and smoke are repelled from the front lens with Robe's unique ParCoat hydrophobic, oleophobic-resistant coating which allows easy cleaning / removal without scratching or damage.

iPAINTE is a high quality IP65-rated short / medium throw profile luminaire that retains all the qualities and features of the indoor version - PAINTE.

Robe's self-managing, low-maintenance ingress protection technology means this fixture is great for exterior use by removing the threat of rain, dust, humidity, smoke or haze damage, even in the harshest conditions.

With an identical footprint and DMX map, both iPAINTE and PAINTE can be seamlessly integrated within the same lighting rig if desired! Even when rigged next to one another, they look the same which is great for continuity and practicality.

The ingress protection system allows standard on-site maintenance without needing additional tools while the pioneering onboard and patented RAINS (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) manages humidity, temperature, and pressure control. RAINS is an active monitoring system that automatically removes any moisture detected within the fixture, providing constant monitoring to ensure peak performance.

The IP65-rated iTetra2 moving linear LED bar joins the Robe iSeries, retaining all the coolness and functionality of the indoor version with the added benefit of Robe's self-managing, low-maintenance ingress protection technology which very efficiently stops rain, dust, humidity, smoke or haze damage.

With an identical DMX map, features and performance to Tetra2, the outdoor iTetra2 also has the onboard patented RAINS (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) which manages humidity, temperature and pressure control. As an active monitoring system, RAINS automatically removes any moisture detected within the fixture.

iTetra2 automatically runs a self-test whenever it senses a cover is removed and replaced which provides an error message if gaskets or covers are not replaced correctly or locking screws are not tightened, ensuring maximum protection.

The lightweight aluminium alloy structure provides a dust-free environment for the optics, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and routine maintenance, also reducing UV damage to the plastic parts.

Robe's LEDBeam 350 is now weatherproof in the iBeam 350 which will be a big hit with everyone working on outdoor lighting projects, the company says.

The iBeam 350 includes the self-regulating, low-maintenance ingress protection technology.

As with other iSeries fixtures like the iPAINTE, iBeam 350 has an identical footprint, DMX map and resemblance to the LEDBeam 350, making for smooth integration of both types of fixtures on the same lighting rig.

Robe's RAINS (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) manages humidity, temperature, and pressure control, while the fixture's lightweight aluminium alloy structure provides a dust-free environment for the optics so there is no need for frequent cleaning and the chance of UV damage to plastic parts is reduced.

Now being distributed by Robe North America, Avolites' familiar faces -- product manager Brad White and product specialist Kade Behm -- are working alongside the very proactive Robe North America teams taking care of all things Avo-related and they will be on Booth 911D reaching out to all those who love this brand already, and all those who are keen to get to know more about the latest Avo creative technologies.

Avolites will present its newest and smallest footprint console hardware to date, the T3, along with its flagship Diamond 9 (D9).

Other highlighted hardware will include classic consoles -- Arena, Tiger Touch II, and Quartz.

Avo's Q3 media server will be on the booth demonstrating its Synergy feature set that unites the worlds of lighting and video, offering creative programmers logical and streamlined workflows for all visual elements on their stage or in their space.



(1 December 2023)

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