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Introducing ADJ/Eliminator's New Cosmic Burst Laser Moonflower

Featuring a powerful 10W laser module with a 10,000-hour projected operational life, the Cosmic Burst generates a unique effect with a massive beam spread, the company says.

The Cosmic Burst is the latest new effect fixture from ADJ's Eliminator Lighting. This laser moonflower creates hundreds of white, yellow, green, and blue beams which rotate back and forth to create mesmerizing patterns. A room-filling effect, it will generate razor-sharp aerial effects in a haze-filled environment or can be projected onto the ceilings or walls of a venue to create a futuristic backdrop for any party or event.

Featuring a powerful 10W laser module with a 10,000-hour projected operational life, the Cosmic Burst generates a unique effect with a massive beam spread, the company says. Its laser output is diffracted into hundreds of separate beams that are reflected by two separate mirror dishes. Each dish offers independent bi-directional rotation at variable speed, allowing for the creation of a variety of different effects.

High energy patterns are formed when both dishes rotate at speed. This will create a blaze of fast-moving beams in a haze-filled atmosphere or project intricate patterns onto a wall or ceiling comprised of countless colored dots weaving in and out of each other at different speeds. To really dial up the intensity, the fixture can also strobe, while a more subtle effect can be created using the pulse/twinkle function. Instead of moving, this involves hundreds of static beams flashing momentarily off and back on to create a unique "night sky" effect.

The Cosmic Burst is an extremely compact fixture, which measures just 11" x 7.3" x 7.8" (280mm x 186mm x 199mm). It has a distinctive molded plastic outer casing with a single metal hanging bracket attached to the top of the unit. Weighing in at just 3.3lb (1.5kg), it is easily portable and, thanks to its 180° bracket which locks in place with a large plastic thumbscrew, can be mounted in any orientation.

Power is supplied to the unit via a locking socket on the rear panel, which is also the location of the 3-pin DMX input and output sockets. In addition, there is a safety key switch that allows the laser module to be disabled when the user isn't present. The rear panel is completed by a multi-character backlit display with four corresponding push buttons, which provides access to a menu interface that can be used to easily setup the device.

A choice of operational modes allow for everything from "set it and forget it" standalone functionality to precise control over all the unit's features. The fixture is supplied pre-programmed with five automatic shows, which can be set to run at a user determined speed. It also offers standalone operation through a Manual mode, which allows the user to create a custom look by configuring each element of the effect directly from the menu interface. In both Show and Manual mode, multiple units can be connected using XLR cables in a Primary/Secondary configuration. This means that one or more "Secondary" fixtures will mimic the output of the "Primary" fixture, making it easy to setup a synchronized lightshow using multiple Cosmic Bursts. Finally, the fixture can be controlled via DMX -- using a choice of seven or eight channels -- to allow its effects to be integrated into a larger lightshow. What's more, the unit supports the RDM protocol, which allows its DMX address to be set remotely from a compatible control system.

The versatility of its effects make the Cosmic Burst ideal to accompany all kinds of music from slow ballads to energetic rock, laid back RnB to high-energy EDM. This, combined with its low weight and compact design, makes it suitable for use by mobile DJs, entertainers, and performers. It is convenient to transport, quick and easy to setup, and creates an impressive output that will fill a large area. Its unique effects also make the fixture perfect for permanent installation in a wide variety of entertainment venues. The futuristic effects of the Cosmic Burst are as equally suited to bars, lounges, and nightclubs as they are to bowling alleys, laser tag arenas, roller rinks, and fun centers.

"Delivering intense, wide-reaching effects, the Cosmic Burst is a futuristic moonflower laser fixture that packs a real punch," comments Albert Paredes, product manager for Eliminator Lighting. "Its innovative twin mirror dish system allows it to create a variety of effects, from understated twinkling to high energy spinning beams, which look great with or without fog/haze in the atmosphere. A compact design makes the fixture ideal for mobile applications, while its versatility and unique beam patterns will also appeal to designers and integrators working on installation projects in all kinds of leisure venues. If you're looking for an out of this world laser effect, look no further than the Eliminator Lighting Cosmic Burst."

The Eliminator Lighting Cosmic Burst is available now from ADJ USA dealers. It will be available March 2023 from ADJ Europe dealers.

Find out more about the Eliminator Cosmic Burst:



(17 February 2023)

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