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BASSMAXX Launches the XSP218 "MAXX-ill" 6,800W Powered Subwoofer

BassMaxx XSP218 MAXX-ill 6,800W powered subwoffer

BASSMAXX, a manufacturer of high-output subwoofers and audiophile-quality professional loudspeakers, announces the launch of its newest Profundo Series powered subwoofer. Scheduled to ship December 1, 2012, the 6,800W XSP218 "MAXX-ill" delivers a combination of depth, fidelity, and impact.

"The XSP218 will play louder, lower, and longer than anything comparable in size, price, and weight," explained David Lee, president and designer of BassMaxx. "Many other loudspeakers claim to be able to do the same, but in reality they can get loud or they can get deep, but not at the same time, and not for extended periods. The BassMaxx XSP218 plays extremely loud and extraordinarily deep, and it can do both, for hours on end. In addition, each comes with a two-year warranty on all components, including voice coils."

The demand for high output at lower and lower frequencies is increasing with practically every new song release, and demanding that performance from under-powered and inadequate loudspeakers will inevitably result in excessive distortion or failure, according to the company, making the XSP218 an ideal option. The MAXX-ill is designed for touring professionals who want to reduce the size and weight of their rigs while delivering huge volume, power and bass.

With 6800W of amplification on board, the MAXX-ill has the dynamic power headroom necessary to reproduce live kick-drums. The power amplification is matched with power-handling drivers and the company says the cabinet is optimized to take full advantage of the capabilities of the drivers and amplifiers. The result is very high SPL bass without concerns about overdriven or blown loudspeakers regardless of the musical genre. That also has the potential to allow smaller systems doing bigger shows, with significantly lower transport and labor costs down the road.

"The MAXX-ill delivers an unprecedented combination of depth, fidelity, impact, and value," Lee continued. "With this kind of incredibly clean, undistorted output at full power, you can confidently push the MAXX-ills to levels that competitors would require many more cabinets, more weight, and/or more investment to achieve."

The XSP218 is a loudspeaker that sustains its output long-term and is practically impossible to blow that the company says is due to rugged, power-handling, long- excursion drivers, carefully optimized cabinet and port design, and an effective but transparent protection system that essentially prevents thermal overload of the voice coils and minimizes long-term thermal compression.

The MAXX-ill XSP218 includes dual bridged 3400W amplifier modules, for a total of 6800W of power, with on-board fixed-latency digital signal processing. The processor is used to provide crossover and limiter functions and the standard settings are compatible with all BassMaxx products. Four presets are stored in the DSP and can be selected from the amplifier panel on the rear of the speaker. A level control is also provided, allowing gain adjustment from off to +12dB. The amplifier module has an auto-sensing universal power supply and power factor correction, allowing it to run on electrical supplies from 85V to 270V. Power input is via Neutrik Powercon and signal input is via XLR. Pass-through connectors for both power and signal are provided.

"The woofer cones are waterproof, so they're impervious to liquids, whether in the form of rain at an outdoor festival, spilled beverages in a busy nightclub, or being wiped down after a beach gig," Lee elaborated. "The XSP218 is engineered to work hard and continue to work where others fail. To assure customers of that capability, our warranty covers all electronics, including burned woofers, for two years from the date of purchase."

"We design and manufacture every product to the highest standards, and with great care taken over every detail, so we sincerely believe that our customers will be thrilled with every purchase," Lee added. "We work to ensure that they are completely satisfied, and if they're not, for any reason, they may exchange their purchase within 30 days for another model or the purchase price will be refunded. No hassles. Plain and simple."


(14 November 2012)

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