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Powersoft Introduces DEVA: The Self-Sufficient Solar Power-Ready Multimedia Unit

Powersoft DEVA

Powersoft introduces DEVA, the new multimedia device that integrates solar power, bi-directional wireless A/V communication, lighting, and an extremely efficient Class D amplifier in a compact, weatherproof enclosure.

DEVA is a multifunctional device that enables audio messaging and video capturing for a wide range of applications. It is equipped with several sensors (microphone, presence detector, twilight switch, and temperature/humidity/pressure sensors) and accessories (e.g. LED lights).

The highly efficient design limits power consumption to the point of allowing uninterrupted use powered by the internal rechargeable battery. A latest generation solar panel can quickly recharge the battery even in low light conditions. On a single charge the unit can remain in stand-by for more than 18 days, can provide up to 64 hours of continuous audio playback (e.g. approximately eight hours a day for eight days), or 20 hours of lighting with the high-power white LED.

DEVA's enclosure is rated IP65 and has been specifically designed to protect the internal circuitry from exposure to the atmospheric elements (temperature, humidity, and dust) making it an ideal solution for outdoor applications. DEVA can be connected to a config/control device such as a tablet or smart-phone, or to a network-connected PC. The connection can be both wired (via Ethernet) or wireless, either short-range (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) or long-range (GPRS).

DEVA can be used in a wide range of applications, from background music to paging, in combination with video and/or audio surveillance. With standard Wi-Fi 802.11n communication and "green" solar power rechargeable batteries on board, DEVA is independent from any existing infrastructure.

"With DEVA we wanted to do something a little different," explains Claudio Lastrucci, Powersoft's R&D director. "We wanted to create a self sufficient device that could be installed anywhere without the need for cables and with virtually zero installation costs. To be able to do this, every aspect of DEVA needed to be as efficient as possible -- such as the battery, the LED, the loudspeaker -- and naturally the Powersoft Class D amplifier."

DEVA can be used in a nearly limitless number of applications, such as theme parks, historical monuments, public gardens, transport hubs, golf courses, swimming pools, beaches, construction sites, car parks, and anywhere else where there are difficulties in distributing sound over large areas due to installation constraints and/or lack of existing communication infrastructure. Furthermore the molded plastic enclosure is available in custom colors to fit elegantly into any architecture.

Francesco Fanicchi, Powersoft's marketing and communication manager adds: "We would go so far to say if freedom had a name it would be called DEVA."

DEVA will be presented to the public for the first time at the ISE trade show in Amsterdam from January 29-31. The Powersoft booth 3-C128 will feature a mock- up of a golf course where it will be possible to try out DEVA.


(24 January 2013)

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