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ETC Releases Touchscreen Station for Mosaic

ETC's Mosaic Touchscreen timeline

A new tile has been added to ETC's Unison Mosaic family, the new Touchscreen interface. The 4.3" screen can be added to any Mosaic system running Mosaic software 2.4 or later, giving users a new option for monitoring and control over their installation with virtual faders, buttons, color pickers, and more.

"With the same user-interface capabilities as the Tessera Controller, the new Mosaic Touchscreen provides a simple way in for users to customize access to their Mosaic system," says Bryan Palmer, architectural market manager at ETC. "This addition provides a fully-configurable interface at a lower price point, making the dynamic control system approachable for anyone."

The Mosaic Touchscreen is modeled on the existing Tessera interface, which gives users a full controller feature set and also address output. The new Touchscreen removes the address output while providing users the same great interface offered with Tessera. The result is an advanced, cost-effective station, allowing users to add more screens to complement the size and intricacies of their system.

The power of the Touchscreen Station lies in its ability to let users interact with an entire Mosaic installation through a customizable interface. Buttons, faders, color pickers, and more, can all be presented on the Touchscreen, giving users extensive -- or limited -- control over an installation. Users can also set up the Touchscreen to monitor an entire installation, or just part of it. It can even send triggers to external devices for non-lighting effects.

Both the new Touchscreen and the versatile Tessera interfaces will be configured with the latest Mosaic Designer Software, version 2.4. Existing installations will need to be upgraded to Mosaic 2.4 for the Touchscreen to be compatible.

For more info about the Mosaic system, visit the URL below.



(25 October 2017)

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