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Schertler's TIM and TOM Hit the Stage

Schertler's TIM and TOM in a wood finish

Schertler Group announces the release of TIM and TOM: two compact, high-performance, active analog 2.1 amplification systems that are designed for both acoustic instrument amplification and for general PA use in a range of venues. Each system comprises a powerful active subwoofer and two passive satellites.

TIM is a 600W (350 +125+125) system that is ideal for use with acoustic instruments and in jazz or DJ sets. This system also forms a highly efficient compact PA for use in small to medium sized venues such as piano bars, gyms, conference rooms, or ballrooms. Larger sibling TOM has a 1,000W (500+250+250) output. This system has been specifically developed for use in medium to large sized indoor and outdoor venues, providing powerful coverage for a range of mobile sound reinforcement applications.

TIM and TOM's subwoofers are constructed using BJT (bipolar junction transistor) technology, which utilizes a linear power supply for excellent bass response and efficient stereo effect. Sub levels on both systems can be adjusted from -7dB to +2dB. In each system, the robustly constructed satellites are supplied directly by the sub. All satellites contain a passive crossover featuring a custom coil. Both systems also include other control features, such as a mono/stereo switch, for added flexibility.

TIM and TOM's compact dimensions make them easy to transport, set up and dismantle, making them perfect performance partners. The systems can be supplied in either wood or anthracite grey finishes. Insulated padded bags are separately available to ensure safe transportation and storage.

TIM and TOM can be purchased from the Schertler online store (Europe, USA, and Canada only), or via Schertler showrooms and distributors worldwide.


(17 June 2016)

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