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A.C. Lighting Inc. to Distribute Follow-Me

A.C. Lighting Inc., distributor of lighting, rigging, and video technologies, announces their partnership with Follow-Me, remote followspot control systems at LDI 2017, November 17 - 19, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Follow-Me is an independent cost-effective network based software package that allows the user to utilize standard moving lights as followspots.

Where traditional methods of using FOH or truss mounted follow spots impose cost and rigging implications, Follow-Me offers a cost saving, quick to implement alternative.

The Follow-Me product line benefits lighting designers, technical producers, and event planners where performers require illumination.

• Proprietary Hardware, sensors, or belt packs are not required when using Follow-Me.
• Follow-Me supports unlimited Moving lights from any manufacturer in any orientation, the company says.
• Follow-Me supports multiple Targets tracked from a single machine.

The Follow-Me "intensity from desk" function acts as an inhibitive master overruling the local operator's ability to exceed the intensity level pre-set from the console. Pre-set positioning and re-callable actions align any fixture to any individual target to offer scene to scene lamp control flexibility. Follow-Me offers the ability to cross-fade control channels at lamp level fully returning all or single fixture control to the lighting console. While the Follow-Me continuous beam size function allows the user to determine the preferred beam size required irrespective of the performers position on stage.

Merging into any lighting network, Follow-Me, together with the console, ensures for accurate timing control for fade-ins / black-outs and color changes while retaining full control over all additional moving light parameters the console can control.

Follow-Me eliminates the need for climbing spot operators therefore improving on show safety and removing the requirement traditional follow-spot hardware methods would need in transportation.

Visit A.C. Lighting Inc. at LDI 2017, booth 2160, to get a demonstration of the Follow-Me range and other leading technologies.


(15 November 2017)

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