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COVID-19 Update, June 29, 2020: Closed, Again

The number of coronavirus cases has reached 10 million worldwide, 25% of them in the US: tinyurl.com/y8ze9ccn. The worldwide number of deaths is 500,000: tinyurl.com/y8rkjkoa.

Coronavirus cases are rising in 36 states and falling in two: tinyurl.com/ydc72p4y.

Thanks to the surge of cases, hospitals in several states are on the edge of being overwhelmed: tinyurl.com/ydcdc9lg.

A new pattern emerges as cases spread through rural areas: tinyurl.com/y8h75dnn.

Governors making rosy predictions about the spread of COVID-19 are relying on misleading hospital data: tinyurl.com/y7bkaa6w.

If the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act, untold numbers of those suffering from -- or struggling to get over -- the coronavirus will lose their health insurance: tinyurl.com/ybc498h3.

The EU isn't even thinking of allowing Americans past its borders: tinyurl.com/yaul5zft.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that, with so many American being vaccine-resistant, we may never achieve herd immunity: tinyurl.com/ycwh4bjy.

Anatomy of a long shot: inside Operation Warp Speed, the government program to fast-track a COVID-19 vaccine: tinyurl.com/y7f7gte8.

CBS Sunday Morning reports on resident theatres searching for a way forward in the pandemic: tinyurl.com/y964v4oz.

Food for thought:

When public health depends on convincing men that masks are manly: tinyurl.com/ybmgq5yf.

Dr. Anthony Fauci's pool-testing plan and how it could fast-track the entire testing process: tinyurl.com/y8gom3ym.

Around the country:

In Arizona:

The White Mount Apache Tribe goes on lockdown: tinyurl.com/ycdon996.

In California:

The governor shuts down bars in several counties, including Los Angeles, to stem the resurgent pandemic: tinyurl.com/ya2u46cx.

A high positivity rate is the leading indicator of COVID-19's spread in the state: tinyurl.com/y8bl47kp.

San Quentin State Prison has become a coronavirus hotspot: tinyurl.com/yb6fz6bt.

San Diego healthcare workers recount the grind of caring for coronavirus patients, wishing the public could see what they see: tinyurl.com/yae8llmx.

San Diego's Belmont Park is shut down for violating COVID-19 guidelines: tinyurl.com/ycjek3vt.

The fate of San Diego's KAABOO Festival, scheduled for September remains up in the air: tinyurl.com/y96sns7r.

Recognizing the fiscal damage caused by the pandemic, La Jolla Symphony offers a pay-what-you-can subscription plan: tinyurl.com/yalhr5sk.

In Florida:

Saturday report: The state shatters another record for new coronavirus infections: tinyurl.com/ydz4aax9.

Sunday report: The state adds another 8,530 cases; Miami-Dade hits a single-day high: tinyurl.com/y9hpw58x.

All told, that means nearly 44,000 cases in one week: tinyurl.com/ydb8ecqc.

"You can't control...they're younger people. They're going to do what they're going to do;" so says the governor, explaining the spike in cases: tinyurl.com/y78lymcp.

Fort Lauderdale shutters 21 business for breaking restrictions: tinyurl.com/y9v6u9bw.

When it comes to reporting infections, is the governor cooking the books? tinyurl.com/ycdg67y9.

The mayor of Pinecrest warns that house parties are a community danger: tinyurl.com/y9l5ysr5.

If you live in Palm Beach Country, you're getting a mask in the mail: tinyurl.com/ya9gfhhc.

Welcome to the drive-in synagogue: tinyurl.com/y9q679zl.

In Illinois:

Casinos can reopen on Wednesday: tinyurl.com/yd5gncsv.

In Maryland:

The co-founder of a movement to reopen the state during the pandemic tests positive for COVID-19; he blames Satan: tinyurl.com/y8zb7cua.

In Nevada:

A Caesars Entertainment employee dies as after being diagnosed with COVID-19: tinyurl.com/yaukb9c4.

In New York:

An outbreak of infections at a high school graduation in Chappaqua is traced to a student who recently visited Florida: tinyurl.com/y7h6vz98.

In Oklahoma:

Chesapeake Energy, a giant in shale gas energy, files for bankruptcy, brought low by the coronavirus-related drop in energy prices: tinyurl.com/ycpzxje8.

In Tennessee:

Country star Chase Rice reaps a harvest of scorn for staging a concert that didn't follow social distancing guidelines: tinyurl.com/yd8d8jpa.

In Texas:

The Department of Health and Human Services is going to keep federally funded testing sites open, after all: tinyurl.com/y8qvral5.

Which is good, because Dallas County registered another one-day high in COVID-19 cases: tinyurl.com/y8fxdqjf.

A Dallas county judge asks the governor to issue a mandatory mask order: tinyurl.com/yayn3tyt.

Around the world:

In India:

The country's COVID-19 cases skyrocket past 500,000: tinyurl.com/y7cs8kj2.

In the UK:

The government relaxes rules for summer vacations: tinyurl.com/y8szpc23.

British Equity and The Theatres Trust respond to the government's five-stage reopening plan; they're not impressed: tinyurl.com/y8yyuk6u.

If panto season is canceled at the end of the year, the country's theatres will face catastrophic losses: tinyurl.com/yacoxghh.

Glastonbury 2021 books its first artist: tinyurl.com/ycoplh3q.

For your pleasure:

The great Gregory Hines, in a tribute to Gene Kelly: tinyurl.com/y8u4yn2s.

That's all for today. Stay safe -- DB

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(29 June 2020)

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