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COVID-19 Update, July 29, 2020: It's the Economy, Stupid

Congress struggles to unite over a relief bill. The president pushes a video that claims masks are useless and hydroxychloroquine cures COVID-19; it stars a doctor notorious for insisting that gynecological problems are caused by sleeping with demons. And the global economy takes it on the chin, felled by pandemic conditions. Isn't this administration supposed to be pro-business?

The latest:

Apparently stung by the lack of support for his proposed new FBI building, the president dismisses the proposed GOP relief bill as "semi-irrelevant;" in other news, a possible bridge extension of benefits is possible: wapo.st/30cn9FY.

A second wave? The coronavirus stages a global comeback: tinyurl.com/y28zsoze.

Europe scrambles to avoid a second wave of infections: wapo.st/3f8Fec3.

In the US, 21 states are in the red zone of increasing infections: tinyurl.com/y5zc3hvq.

A persistent US hot spot problem: Multi-generational families in which the young infect the old: tinyurl.com/y46geyhm.

Shots are administered as the next stage of testing of the Moderna vaccine begins: bit.ly/2P7eiz2.

The FDA authorizes the first COVID-19 test for people without symptoms: bit.ly/2X4taCj.

IATSE has some sharp words for the GOP relief bill known as the HEALS Act: bit.ly/3jYrPHp.

In a shakeup to Major League Baseball, the Phillies and Marlins' seasons are on hold, now that 17 members of the Marlins have tested positive: bit.ly/3gnZfgp.

Puerto Rico and Washington, DC are added to the ever-lengthening list of states whose visitors must quarantine when traveling to the Tri-State Area: dailym.ai/2P6meAq.

Across Latin America, the pandemic is eating away at democratic norms: nyti.ms/2Xat5xf.

Back to school, at your own risk: 6,300 COVID-19 cases have been linked to colleges in the US: tinyurl.com/y2v7ow79.

Food for thought:

With film distribution on hold, executives and exhibitors wonder what's next: bit.ly/39HhMl1.

Will box seats make a comeback in the pandemic? tinyurl.com/y3rvgtzk.

From the UK: The real crown jewels of the arts are the unprotected freelance workers: tinyurl.com/y5uxqyf3.

Around the country:

In California:

As the pandemic moves inland, Imperial County is among the hardest hit: bit.ly/3hQei2K.

The Hollywood talent agency CAA preps for layoffs and furloughs: bit.ly/2DlxKFh.

Los Angeles Opera postpones its four fall productions, moving them to the first half of the 2020 - 2021 season: bit.ly/3gd6oQl.

The KAABOO Festival in San Diego is officially off until 2021: bit.ly/2P9KKQY.

In a sign of the pandemic times, Universal and AMC Theatres ink an agreement that allows films to reach theatres and homes only three weeks apart: tinyurl.com/yyrxc7kd.

In Florida:

The daily toll: 9,446 new cases and 216 deaths; the latter, sadly, sets a new record: tinyurl.com/yyfy7k22.

Broward County hospitals are filling up as they take the over flow from Miami-Dade: bit.ly/2Ex9OzB.

The union representing 5,000 nurses in the Jackson Health system calls for a statewide mask mandate: hrld.us/2P8kVAR.

Nearly 3,000 South Florida businesses have closed during the pandemic, some forever: hrld.us/3fa03Us.

A new report indicates that the pandemic will slow the state's population growth: bit.ly/3gcd9C7.

In Georgia:

Atlanta's Alliance Theatre announces its 2020 - 21 season, beginning with a solo holiday show, starring Terry Burrell, followed by more productions in the spring. Streamed productions will be offered in the fall: tinyurl.com/yybl28cp.

In Illinois:

Boeing posts a $2.4 billion quarterly loss and offers bleak short-term prospects for an industry laid low by the pandemic: cnb.cx/3jRjm8J.

Parents, faced with another semester of online learning, experiment with "pandemic pods" and "micro-schools:" bit.ly/3f8JnwD.

In Michigan:

General Motors, dealing with shuttered factories and shrinking demand, posts a second quarter loss of $800 million: cnb.cx/2BEuULa.

In New York:

The governor has stern words and threats for those who attended a Chainsmokers drive-in concert and didn't obey social distancing rules: bit.ly/2P2edfU.

Broadway and Pose star Billy Porter appears on MSNBC's Morning Joe to advocate for arts workers: tinyurl.com/yyxyaorh.

How is New York City's contact tracing program doing? The city says one thing; those working in it say another: nyti.ms/309RCEr.

In Nevada:

Garth Brooks has postponed his much-anticipated concert at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas from August to February: bit.ly/2EzbKaV.

In Pennsylvania:

Opera Philadelphia will focus on digital presentations for the fall: bit.ly/33axaoP.

In Texas:

In what passes for good news these days, Dallas County reports fewer than 1,000 new cases for three days in a row: bit.ly/2X7d6A0.

The mayor of Arlington warns of a "budget calamity looming over local governments:" bit.ly/2P75XLK.

"The hot spot of a hot spot of a hot spot;" Hidalgo County gets the worst of the pandemic: bit.ly/2BKZumA.

Representative Louis Gohmert, no fan of masks, tests positive: bit.ly/2BKZumA.

In Washington State:

Starbuck's stores sales plunge 40%: cnb.cx/2BE9TQL.

Seattle Rep postpones its 2020 - 21 season, setting no time frame for returning: tinyurl.com/yxk3n9cd.

Around the world:

In France:

Dejected vintners, facing a tariffs from the US and a collapsing market because of the pandemic, are turning their wine into hand-sanitizer: nyti.ms/2D2vGlM.

In Germany:

Deutsche Bank, buffeted by the pandemic, posts a second quarter loss of $90 million, a figure that actually beat expectations: cnb.cx/3hKXuKi.

In the UK:

Profits at Barclays slide as the bank puts aside 1.6 billion pounds to deal with pandemic-related loan losses: cnb.cx/3hKXOsu.


On Thursday, July 30, at 10am PT, the NAMM Public Affairs and Government Relations department will offer a webinar to review pending federal COVID relief for all facets of the industry. The program will cover the proposed HEROES and HEALS Acts, Education Stabilization Fund, and more. The webinar is free and open to all industry professionals. Participants include Chris Cushing, managing director, federal strategies team, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough; Connie Myers, policy advisor, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough; Joe Lamond, NAMM president and CEO; and Michael T. Strickland, chair and Founder, Bandit Lites. Register at www.namm.org/issues-and-advocacy/namm-policy-update.

In the UK, PLASA's #WeMakeEvents initiative goes on red alert: bit.ly/3hKitwM.

For your pleasure:

New York City Ballet principal Taylor Stanley performs a new solo, choreographed by Kyle Abraham and set to the music of Erik Satie, on Lincoln Center Plaza. You can read about the rainbow lighting installation, to celebrate Pride Month, in the July issue of Lighting&Sound America: bit.ly/3hMI8ov.

That's all for today. Stay safe. -- DB

To receive your LSA copies at home (no charge), please email LSA@plasa.org or go to www.ezsubscription.com/lsa/mysubscription.

Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources.

(29 July 2020)

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