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COVID-19 Update: September 11, 2020: Then and Now

A day to remember, to never forget. Today's crisis casts a shadow on remembrances of tragedy two decades ago, as the government's response to the pandemic continues to be one of denial and inaction. Twenty years ago, we faced a terrible crisis as a united nation; today we seem to agree on nothing. Do we not have in us to pull together and find a way forward?

The latest:

The president believes he has defeated COVID-19; his medical experts tell a different story: tinyurl.com/y29cymus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci predicts that theatres won't reopen until a year after vaccine is distributed: tinyurl.com/yx8qd5lv.

The director of the NIH is "puzzled and rather disheartened" by people who won't wear masks: tinyurl.com/yya7hwfm.

College campuses are driving the biggest outbreaks in the US: tinyurl.com/y4x3ybqr.

As predicted, the GOP "skinny" pandemic relief bill dies in the Senate, rejected by Democrats who say it is too small to do any good. As of now, there may be no further attempt before the November election: tinyurl.com/yxoq3wd6.


COVID-19 is also unleashing a pandemic of food insecurity: tinyurl.com/y4an9zhn.

Nine million people haven't collected their stimulus payments; the government is trying to do something about that: tinyurl.com/y2ckhlww.

The rest of the entertainment industry may be suffering but recorded music revenues are up: tinyurl.com/y5tf43pn.

The Pulitzer Prize board will consider canceled and streaming productions for its 2021 prize: tinyurl.com/y5pxjozd.

A new UK/Ireland tour of Beauty and the Beast announces a start date of May 2021: tinyurl.com/yxgxxqjb.

Food for thought:

As colleges reopen, new research highlights how young adults can suffer severe results from COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y5qq3228.

A day spent on a film set shows how movies are made now: tinyurl.com/yxtoopao.

Congress fiddles while the country's arts sector burns: tinyurl.com/yy96afgf.

Why it is vital that more people of color be recruited for vaccine trials: tinyurl.com/y3njnbaf.

Around the country:

In California:

Seventy-eight researchers and doctors from Stanford Medical Center sharply criticize Scott Atlas, the neuroradiologist who was recently added to the White House coronavirus task force. Atlas is a strong advocate for the president's non-scientific solutions: tinyurl.com/y65s2t9p.

The state's division of OSHA levies a tough fine on a frozen food manufacturer for not protecting employees from the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/y3yozj43.

The outbreak continues at San Diego State University; the spring semester will go online: tinyurl.com/y5q6h8rf.

A San Diego high school closes after two students test positive for COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y2bv24ac.

In Florida:

The state's top economist warns that the tourist industry will take years to recover: tinyurl.com/y3qdzo8c.

The state will allow bars to open at 50% capacity, but they will remain closed in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties; Broward County has yet to decide: tinyurl.com/y2gkmltq.

In Illinois:

The state's COVID-19 positivity rate is dropping, but hospitalizations are up: tinyurl.com/yylv8pwz.

The state announces a new program to connect people unemployed by the pandemic with jobs and training: tinyurl.com/y53go7ju.

How the Chicago Bears plan to travel during this pandemic season: tinyurl.com/y6amyjxe.

In Massachusetts:

The Boston College swimming and diving teams face outbreaks of COVID-19: tinyurl.com/yyc6fwfn.

In New York:

More than 150 businesses leaders warn Mayor Bill De Blasio that New York City is at risk, thanks to unemployment, and homelessness, and deteriorating quality of life: tinyurl.com/yysk65ok.

The State University of New York system launches a COVID-19 dashboard for all 64 of its schools: tinyurl.com/yxfbk4rr. SUNY Albany faces an outbreak: tinyurl.com/y4mudwgj.

Persons caught riding the New York subway without a mask will be subject to a $50 fine: tinyurl.com/y6cawvfu.

In Oregon:

People fleeing devastating wildfires are being housed in a prison already identified as a COVID-19 hotspot: tinyurl.com/y5nd4cey.

In Pennsylvania:

Members of the House of Representatives signal their support for the Save Our Stages Act: tinyurl.com/y4eg7qfm.

In Texas:

The Dallas Symphony returns, performing for an audience of 75 in an auditorium that seats 1,800: tinyurl.com/y3zmru4w.

Three new clusters are identified near the University of Texas at Austin: tinyurl.com/yxfto2bn.

The state's positivity rate is falling: tinyurl.com/y2x646rr.

Around the world:

In Austria:

As the daily number of new infections reaches levels not seen since March, the country tightens its rules: tinyurl.com/yymkftb6.

In Germany:

The country's schools have been open for a month, with no major COVID-19 outbreaks: tinyurl.com/y2fs2lx4.

In the UK:

COVID-19 cases in England are doubling every eight days: tinyurl.com/y46qehcp. The UK's reproduction number rises above one: tinyurl.com/y58az4bg.

For your entertainment:

New York City Ballet announces its fall online programming: tinyurl.com/y4ujpeko.

For your pleasure:

For this day of remembrance, Bette Midler offers "The Wind Beneath My Wings" at the 9/11 memorial at Yankee Stadium: tinyurl.com/y34ldm9w.

That's all for today. Have a good weekend. Stay safe. -- DB

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Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources.

(11 September 2020)

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