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COVID-19 Update, September 23: Take My Vaccine, Please

US health officials have woken up to the realization that the president's attempts at selling a faster-than-fast vaccine to the American public have backfired, making anti-vaxxers out of people who normally hate that term. As you can read below, the problem is being attacked on several fronts with the CDC and the president more or less working at cross-purposes. Meanwhile, all signs indicate that the US is ripe for a second wave of infections.

The latest:

Sadly, the US is poised for a surge in new COVID-19 cases this autumn: tinyurl.com/y3mtgycl. More than 20 states are seeing upticks in new infections: tinyurl.com/y44nldhm.

The White House tells states to have vaccine distribution plan ready for mid-October, alarming scientists who fear a rush to release an unproven product: tinyurl.com/yyqzvzy9. Worried about plunging public trust in a vaccine, the vice-president urges governors to help restore confidence: tinyurl.com/y3d4kfls. In an effort to win back public trust, the Centers for Disease Control plans to lay out tough new guidelines that will mostly likely delay the release of a COVID-19 vaccine until after Election Day: tinyurl.com/yyr98dfv.

Because there is no federal effort to track COVID-19 cases in US schools, the New York Times takes on the task: tinyurl.com/y336vuxv.

If you're worried about the flu vaccine, it may be your best hope of staying healthy in the winter months: tinyurl.com/y52d4j5o.

The pandemic continues to ravage Latino communities, laying bare deep inequities in American society: tinyurl.com/y6qlba3r.

Food for thought:

Six reasons why COVID-19 death rates are improving: tinyurl.com/y49m6t9p.

Around the country:

In California:

Saying that 80,000 jobs are at stake, Disney asks the state government for permission to reopen its parks: tinyurl.com/y57any3n.

In Florida:

Broward County schools postpone reopening for in-person learning until October: tinyurl.com/y63h3cr4.

Princess Cruises lets go of two ships: tinyurl.com/y5mley72.

In Indiana:

Notre Dame football is off until the players come out of quarantine: tinyurl.com/yxjafpcn.

In Massachusetts:

Testing begins on a COVID-19 vaccine development by Johnson & Johnson, the first to require only one shot: tinyurl.com/y2jlrrbt.

A theatre in Worcester is set to present the first Equity-approved indoor theatre production in the state since the pandemic began: tinyurl.com/yyfgddwe.

In New York:

The rumors of New York City's demise have been greatly exaggerated: tinyurl.com/y4nnl44p.

New infections are rising in the city's Hasidic neighborhoods: tinyurl.com/y24uh4vg.

In Rhode Island:

The outbreak at Providence College grows, upsetting the surrounding neighborhood: tinyurl.com/y5xmya6s.

In Tennessee:

Tony Tenpenny, a former member of Nashville's city council, spent the summer barraging social media, insisting that the pandemic was a made-up socialist plot; on Monday, he died from COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y2cvylhk.

In Wisconsin:

The state declares a public health emergency following a surge of new cases in people between ages 18 - 24: tinyurl.com/yydfsobc.

The state's performance in COVID-19 eradication gets it up on Chicago's quarantine list; tinyurl.com/y2xm7s2b.

Around the world:

In China:

The government is now engaging in what you might call vaccine diplomacy: tinyurl.com/y3c6lapr.

In Mexico:

The pandemic shuts down the country's popular wrestling industry: tinyurl.com/y5pg9fu4.

In the UK:

Boris Johnson exempts live theatre from the 10:00pm curfew imposed on restaurants, bars, and other meeting places: tinyurl.com/yxrqc9dh.

Why the musical Six is reopening in the West End this fall: tinyurl.com/y52748jr.

One-third of the country's professional musicians may quite their professions: tinyurl.com/y2z2rave.

Company news:

MDG shares an interesting study on the question of if fog and haze machines might help or hinder the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/y4ne4f6.


Tommy DeVito, one of the original Four Seasons: tinyurl.com/yyf2b2lk.

Bryan Fonseca, leading theatre producer in Indianapolis: tinyurl.com/yxml3lt8.


Registration is open for the virtual Event Safety Summit: tinyurl.com/y67lktwl.

Pangolin hosts a webinar, "Beyond Timeline" on October 3, at 2:00pm ET. Creative director Lyra Letourneau will cover a number of technical elements about timeline programming in Beyond software, in addition to taking a deeper look into the art form of beam shows, and what it takes to make a truly great show. Cost is $95. Register at tinyurl.com/y63yuqdp.

For your pleasure:

Betty Buckley offers some inspiration with this cool-jazz arrangement of a familiar Christian hymn, accompanied by visuals to make you think: tinyurl.com/y4pbgv3e.

That's all for today. Stay safe. -- DB

To receive your LSA copies at home (no charge), please email LSA@plasa.org or go to www.ezsubscription.com/lsa/mysubscription.

Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources.

(23 September 2020)

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