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COVID-19 Update, September 28, 2020: The Long March

To put it mildly, the nation's attention was otherwise engaged this weekend, given the nomination to the Supreme Court of Amy Coney Barrett and the revelations about the president's tax returns. Less noticed were new developments that suggest the pandemic is far from a resolution.

The latest:

The US reports 55,054 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, the highest one-day total in six weeks: tinyurl.com/y3r9j4aw. Infections are rising in 21 states: tinyurl.com/y2lhdmsy.

European leaders call for international cooperation to combat the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/yyhchamp.

"Everything he says is false:" The head of the CDC is overheard condemning Dr. Scott Atlas, the neuroradiologist, with no experience in epidemiology, who is the president's new favorite adviser on the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/yyj88ccc.

Coronavirus hot spots turn up all over the Midwest: tinyurl.com/y56dlzlk.

A new study finds fault with many N95 masks: tinyurl.com/y4mmlvco.

Army and Air Force officials report that the pandemic is causing extra stress, causing a 20% rise in suicides among service members: tinyurl.com/yxczgckq.

Food for thought:

Can private companies make getting the COVID-19 vaccine a condition of employment? tinyurl.com/y6pjbkz5.

How to distinguish the symptoms of the common cold, COVID-19, and the flu: tinyurl.com/y49pr232.

As we approach one million deaths globally, a look back: tinyurl.com/yykhbdxa.

Around the country:

In California:

The state passes the 800,000 mark in new infections, the highest such number in the US: tinyurl.com/y4pljeab.

The state can also expect an 89% rise in new hospitalizations, officials say: tinyurl.com/y3d3xvca.

Cal State Long Beach goes on lockdown: tinyurl.com/y4rw477n.

The return of Pac-12 football hinges on a rapid COVID-19 test developed by the San Diego-based firm Quidel: tinyurl.com/y27253to.

San Diego businesses, like restaurants, bars, and gyms, wonder how long they can hang on: tinyurl.com/yy8yge3t.

The state has now recorded more than 700,000 COVID-19 infections: tinyurl.com/y58w6wg5.

The state's education commissioner tells Miami-Dade County to open its schools two weeks early: tinyurl.com/y2d2dtzr.

A party at the Social Club of Palm Coast leads to two COVID-19 deaths and 50 infections: tinyurl.com/y2rfvndp.

Having permanently laying off 1,900 workers a couple of weeks ago, SeaWorld is, apparently hiring: tinyurl.com/y37vgy68.

After 32 years, the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra at Disney World plays its last on October 3: tinyurl.com/yy45phe6.

Miami's shuttered hotels make plans for the future: tinyurl.com/y22zx5pk.

College students, fed up with social distancing, say they just want to get COVID-19 and get it over with: tinyurl.com/y2b37fv3.

In Illinois:

A wave of parents' rallies in the Chicago suburbs demands that children be sent back to school: tinyurl.com/y2whprmb.

In Massachusetts:

Two administrators of a veterans home, where 76 died at the beginning of the pandemic, are facing criminal charges: tinyurl.com/y4jn8yrm.

In New York:

New York City will extend its outdoor dining program indefinitely: tinyurl.com/y4dc2jk2/.

The city threatens Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods with lockdowns, as they are the only areas in the city where the coronavirus is resurgent: tinyurl.com/y56qwojo.

Health officials warn that infections are up in eight neighborhoods: tinyurl.com/y4en9z7t.

In Virginia:

Governor Ralph Northam and his wife, Pamela, test positive for COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y2stg6vo.

Around the world:

In China:

The government is rushing to distribute still-unproven vaccines. Is that really a good idea? tinyurl.com/y4ujb3x5.

In Colombia:

The country passes 800,000 new infections, with 25,000 dead: tinyurl.com/y4kvznbt.

In France:

A second wave of COVID-19 infections comes faster than expected: tinyurl.com/yxm32shx.

In Germany:

Pandemic or not, Berlin's Deutsche Oper premieres a new Ring Cycle: tinyurl.com/yyx4qsdx.

In the UK:

Two-thirds of the Welsh populace goes under lockdown: tinyurl.com/y2hfaffu.

Another day, another demonstration against social distancing rules in Trafalgar Square: tinyurl.com/y2ttej74.


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For your pleasure:

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That's all for today. Stay safe. -- DB

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Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources.

(28 September 2020)

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