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COVID-19 Update, September 30, 2020: Another Day, Another Bill

Well, they're trying again. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has floated another stimulus bill and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin promises to take it seriously. We'll see. The bill doesn't contain all of the provisions contained in the RESTART Act, which is desperately needed by this industry, but -- as Michael Strickland, our man in Washington, often points out -- negotiations are just beginning. So, if you haven't written to Congress yet, time's a-wasting.

The latest:

Congressional Democrats unveil the revised HEROES Act, which includes provisions from the Save Our Stages Act: tinyurl.com/ybxfbelw. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin pledges to give a stimulus bill "one more serious try," causing the stock market to respond positively: tinyurl.com/ycwewuz. With government payroll support running out, airline workers brace for mass layoffs: tinyurl.com/yy5kupl2.

Walt Disney Co, is laying of 28,000 theme park employees in the US, 67% of whom are part-time workers: tinyurl.com/yaywzswf. Actors' Equity cites the layoffs in calling on Senator Mitch McConnell to get a relief bill passed in the Senate: tinyurl.com/yxmfh4c2.

The rapid COVID-19 test program proffered by the White House has been plagued by multiple problems, involving poor communication, false results, and bad planning: tinyurl.com/y678dg3j. Florida is set to start getting the rapid tests: tinyurl.com/ycxlbqx2.

Contradicting the notion that children are immune from the coronavirus, the CDC reports that, between March and mid-September, 277,285 kids tested positive: tinyurl.com/y9r6lq87.

The Moderna vaccine reportedly triggers a high-level antibody response in older patients: tinyurl.com/yc3wqz76. A new drug cocktail from Regeneron may prove effective in treating COVID-19: tinyurl.com/ybndak. Pfizer is caught in the cross-hairs of the president, who wants a vaccine by Election Day: tinyurl.com/y32ym8x4.

COVID-19 cases surged among people aged 18 - 22 between August 2 and September 5, a clear sign that reopening colleges is risky: tinyurl.com/y9b47d5n. A tale of two universities: the very different approaches of Duke and University of North Carolina: tinyurl.com/yyudgzce. A "super-healthy" college student dies of COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y98hzp6l. With no data published, Russia plans to distribute 10 million doses of its Sputnik vaccine per month, as early as December: tinyurl.com/y9e68x5u.

As cases rise again in Europe, citizens push claiming, decrying restrictions and insisting that COVID-19 is a hoax: tinyurl.com/yxbcr7b4.

The Titans - Steelers football game is postponed, because of a COVID-19 outbreak on the Titans: tinyurl.com/y42n9p63.

Actor Jim Parsons and his husband, producer Todd Spiewak, have both had COVID-19: tinyurl.com/yyngtxy2.

Around the country:

In California:

Economists predict the state's economy will need two years to recover from the pandemic: tinyurl.com/y59amb69.

Playgrounds can reopen in San Diego County: tinyurl.com/y42n9p63.

In Florida:

The governor has rolled back restrictions, but in Orlando, anyway, many restaurants and stores are maintaining them: tinyurl.com/ycnmvkn5. Miami-Dade County will continue issuing mask citations, with plans to collect the fines later: tinyurl.com/ycnf8x2c.

Miami schools start reopening on Monday: tinyurl.com/y5tdpcaa.

In Illinois:

After a third staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the governor self-isolates: tinyurl.com/y2oaopa9.

The northwest portion of the state sees a surge in new cases: tinyurl.com/y8257hcl.

Parents in DuPage County sue for the return of high school sports: tinyurl.com/ydcej4dt.

In Iowa:

Breaking with CDC recommendations, state officials will no longer recommend that people go into a 14-day quarantine after having close contact with a person infected with the coronavirus if both people were wearing masks during the encounter: tinyurl.com/yc3n393j.

In South Dakota:

The mayor of Sioux Falls says that an increase in COVID-19 cases comes with personal freedoms: tinyurl.com/yxgujtkm.

In Wisconsin:

Against the advice of his own Coronavirus Task Force, the president schedules large rallies in Green Bay and Lacrosse this weekend: tinyurl.com/yydc8t8y.

Around the world:

In Canada:

Quebec, facing a new surge on COVID-19 infections, tightens restrictions: tinyurl.com/ydfjmsgn.

Several television series shut down production or postpone starting, thanks to delays in COVID-19 test processing in British Columbia: tinyurl.com/yaah7vbz.

In India:

As many as 63 million people may have been infected with COVID-19, a new study finds: tinyurl.com/y9h86qx6.

In Israel:

The facts of the pandemic raise hundreds of new questions for members of the country's Orthodox community: tinyurl.com/y676jhmr.

In the UK:

Boris Johnson insists that now is not the time to "throw in the sponge" on COVID-19 restrictions: tinyurl.com/y2ecj3g6. Johnson, facing an uprising in his own party, narrowly avoids a law that would have required Parliamentary consent before new social restrictions are imposed: tinyurl.com/y4mly3e7.


DTS introduces Synergy 7, its latest profile moving head created for theatres, TV sets, and live shows. The webinar takes place October 16 at 4:00pm and 10:00pm ET, on the DTS Facebook page: tinyurl.com/y9z7qykn.

For your entertainment:

Macbeth: A Surround Sound Experiment, will reimagine Shakespeare's tragedy as a virtual, immersive auditory experience, October 31 - November 1. It is designed to to be listened to by candlelight with headphones. Ticket holders will receive access to the audio performance, special instructions, a cocktail recipe, and more. Information at KnockAtTheGate.com/.

Off Broadway's Metropolitan Playhouse presents its next free screened reading: The Clod, a one-act play by Lewis Beach, on October 3 at 8:00pm, EDT. Running time is 30 minutes. Talkback to follow including audience questions via chat with Erin Stoneking, assistant professor of gender and race studies at the University of Alabama. Watch at www.metropolitanplayhouse.org.

The Catherine Russell Trio performs live from Dizzy's Club at Jazz at Lincoln Center on October 1 at 10:30pm ET. Information and tickets at tinyurl.com/y4slg8o3.

For your pleasure:

The cast of Broadway's Jagged Little Pill, catching the national mood, offers, "All I Really Want," the democracy remix: tinyurl.com/ybez8x9c.

That's all for today. Stay safe. -- DB

To receive your LSA copies at home (no charge), please email LSA@plasa.org or go to www.ezsubscription.com/lsa/mysubscription.

Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources.

(30 September 2020)

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