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COVID-19 Update, October 1, 2020: The Misinformation Game

As the election heats up, the stream of misinformation about COVID-19 continues to come from the one place it shouldn't. Meanwhile, the government continues to interfere in health policy. And negotiations drag on (and on) regarding a stimulus bill. Sad to say, but matters of life and death have become political footballs.

The latest:

A Cornell University study, analyzing 38 million articles finds that the single biggest source of misinformation about the pandemic is...the president of the United States: tinyurl.com/y7merb5z. Facebook removes campaign ads from the president that suggest admitting refugees would increase the spread of COVID-19 in the US: tinyurl.com/yd52lnw8. Dr. Anthony Fauci says that the president, during the presidential debate, misrepresented his early-in-the-pandemic comments about masks: tinyurl.com/y5nfwwef.

The CDC had the cruise industry under a no-sail order lasting until February, until the White House stepped in: tinyurl.com/y7cpwdno.

For the umpteenth time, Nancy Pelosi and Steven Mnuchin fail to reach an agreement on a stimulus bill, but they insist that all hope is not lost: tinyurl.com/yate9exs. Michael Strickland pens a powerful letter that you can use to urge Congress to pass a stimulus bill: tinyurl.com/y73quogu. The film industry joins the effort to pass the RESTART Act: tinyurl.com/y4hhqr76.

Facing a November 1 deadline to develop their vaccine distribution plans, states insist they need more guidance and money: tinyurl.com/y6ws9my6.

New jobless claims reach 837,000 this week, slightly better than expected: tinyurl.com/y9s3uaxo.

Without blockbusters, US cinemas cut their operating hours: tinyurl.com/y62b9faj.

Food for thought:

How an Austrian ski resort became a key player in spreading the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/yaf8vcvt.

The data shows that the COVID-19 pandemic is the most unequal in modern US history: tinyurl.com/y99vtnbo.

Many COVID-19 patients experience a wide range of unusual symptoms that often persist long after the coronavirus has passed: tinyurl.com/yany9ps8.

The president and provost of Cornell University tell how they reopened to only a handful of cases of COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y8p3rvjn.

Scientists identify a new COVID-19 risk, a genetic cluster that originated in Neanderthals: tinyurl.com/yygcjxtr.

Around the country:

In California:

Disney shifts the blame for its extensive layoffs, saying it's the state's fault: tinyurl.com/y3cmoslq.

The Los Angeles Unified School District makes its own COVID-19 testing plan, using a no-bid contract with an untested firm: tinyurl.com/y59n4lxa.

In Florida:

A University of Central Florida plan to randomly test students for COVID-19 causes controversy: tinyurl.com/yypygh48.

Nobody, it seems, understands the state's new relaxed social restrictions: tinyurl.com/yy52zgxu.

In Massachusetts:

As social-distancing restrictions ease in the state, Boston will be an exception: tinyurl.com/ycxnn4bv. Indeed, Boston is now a high-risk zone: tinyurl.com/yazaf4a5.

In New York:

New York City reopens for limited indoor dining but, at the moment, there are few takers: tinyurl.com/y2yw3yyw.

In Wisconsin:

The states hospitals are filling up with new COVID-19 cases, leading to fears of being overwhelmed: tinyurl.com/yc8huhc8.

Around the world:

In China:

The country, looking to restart its economy post-pandemic, promotes "revenge travel," leading to congestion at domestic tourist sites: tinyurl.com/y95b6v64.

In Germany:

Prolight + Sound announces dates for an in-person trade show in April: tinyurl.com/yarzbja9.

In Spain:

Madrid goes under partial lockdown following a rise in cases: tinyurl.com/yyoq2l6o.


PLASA announces a week of online seminars, October 12 - 16: tinyurl.com/ydy6dwat.

For your pleasure:

Birthday girl Julie Andrews in "The Saga of Jenny," from Lady in the Dark, as seen in the film Star!: tinyurl.com/mbw6lt9.

That's all for today. Stay safe. -- DB

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Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources.

(1 October 2020)

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