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COVID-19 Update, October 6, 2020: The White House Hot Spot

The president continues to ignore all medical guidelines, trying to portray himself as having conquered the coronavirus; nothing is said about the damage done to his associates and staff. Meanwhile, nearly everything about the pandemic is made into a political issue, with little progress being made on actually controlling the virus or helping out the unemployed. And the White House, where COVID-19 rules are apparently ignored, is now the country's newest coronavirus hot spot.

The latest:

The president returns to the White House, making a series of theatrical gestures; the West Wing is now a "ghost town," as staffers stay away: tinyurl.com/y4524mkf. Members of the White House press corps are livid about being exposed to the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/y5tlrhdo. The White House housekeeping staff face new COVID-19 fears: tinyurl.com/y3daktja.

Doctors condemn the president's urging Americans to not worry about the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/yxsql57h. Dr. Anthony Fauci warns that the timeline of the president's infection is not yet in his favor: tinyurl.com/y59s7o4r. The widow of Nick Cordero, COVID-19 victim, denounces the president's comments about not letting the coronavirus dominate: tinyurl.com/y2rwxrqm.

One of the president's medications, Dexmethasone, has side effects that include agitation and aggression: tinyurl.com/y257ne3z. Nearly one-third of hospitalized COVID-19 patients experience some form of altered mental function -- ranging from confusion to delirium to unresponsiveness -- according to a new study: tinyurl.com/y3fcrtc6. One big unanswered question: How will the cluster of untested drugs given to the president work together? tinyurl.com/y4s66gmm.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says the White House isn't providing information about its COVID-19 outbreak, hindering contact tracing efforts: tinyurl.com/y447mdyl.

The White House blocks new FDA guidelines for emergency vaccine approval, which would push release of a vaccine past November 3, also known as Election Day: tinyurl.com/yylld4zq.

A pandemic relief deal continues to elude Congress: tinyurl.com/y35sepdg. The Federal Reserve chairman calls for more stimulus, saying that there is little worry about overdoing it: tinyurl.com/yyhfprc7.

Check out three new videos that speak eloquently about the industry's dilemma in the US and UK: tinyurl.com/yxvrbux5.

After internal wrangling, the CDC now says that the coronavirus can be spread through airborne transmission: tinyurl.com/y6blrzxl.

Following the delays of several major releases and the announcement that Cineworld is closing its venues, cinema stocks across the board take a plunge: tinyurl.com/y4np9lg6. Without new releases, independently owned small-town cinemas face a bleak future: tinyurl.com/y26yfwa6. The postponements continue; the much-anticipated new film Dune, based on the classic sci-fi novel, has been put off from Christmas to October 2021: tinyurl.com/y3nydbun. The Batman now won't open until 2022, although the latest Matrix film has moved up its opening date to Christmas. Despite industry criticism, Governor Andrew Cuomo isn't budging on his decision to keep New York's cinemas closed: tinyurl.com/y4l9qn3z.

Food for thought:

What does COVID-19 vaccine efficacy mean? It doesn't mean a vaccine that is 100% effective: tinyurl.com/y3kywxb5.

The World Health Organization now believes that 10% of the world's population has been infected with the coronavirus: tinyurl.com/y2sm4j2r.

Why a $4 trillion bailout didn't revive the US economy. (Hint: Most of it went to businesses that weren't required to show they needed the money): tinyurl.com/yxfonsrj.

Around the country:

In the District of Columbia:

The U Street Music Hall, a key DC venue, is shuttered, permanently, by the pandemic: tinyurl.com/y5dvtk9t.

In Florida:

Norwegian Cruise Lines cancels all trips until December: tinyurl.com/y3ywg4lr.

In Illinois:

Boeing slashes its forecast for aircraft demand: tinyurl.com/y63l8eaa.

In Minnesota:

It's quarantine for workers at a steakhouse where the president attended a private fundraiser last week: tinyurl.com/yxmsljwe.

In Wisconsin:

New COVID-19 cases are surging: tinyurl.com/y38knyju.

Around the world:

In Israel:

The country's second lockdown breeds chaos and protests: tinyurl.com/y2p4cmrc.

Feelings runs high against the hard-hit Haredic community, where social distancing rules are largely ignored: tinyurl.com/yyhtv4g6.

In Italy:

The country faces new restrictions as new COVID-19 cases rise: tinyurl.com/yy4smb33.

In the UK:

The government's test-and-trace program goes haywire, leaving 16,000 COVID-19 cases unreported: tinyurl.com/y6cf37zb.


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A panel of sports executives discuss sports leadership in the pandemic, October 13 at 1:00pm ET. The webinar is free, but you need to register: tinyurl.com/y69m626l.

For your pleasure:

Idina Menzel offers a jolt of optimism in "Don't Rain on My Parade:" tinyurl.com/y4n45zms.

That's all for today. Stay safe. -- DB

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Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources.

(6 October 2020)

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