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COVID-19 Update, November 13, 2020: "A Humanitarian Disaster"

These are the words of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN medical correspondent about the alarming widespread increase of COVID-19 cases across the country, an event that is straining medical services in many areas to the breaking point. With a presidential administration that has essentially lost any interest in the crisis and a patchwork of local and state responses, we are on track for a bad, bad winter. A vaccine is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later, as the nation prepares to get it delivered.

The latest:

The United States records 153,496 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, a dismaying new record: tinyurl.com/y4zcb2kl.

Health experts sound the alarm about the spread of the coronavirus in the US: tinyurl.com/y4wjr222.

The Upper Midwest faces a "catastrophic" shortage of hospital beds: tinyurl.com/yyneu8xc.

The poisonous post-election atmosphere in Washington may be impeding progress on a pandemic relief bill: tinyurl.com/y4ngbvgj. In any case, the president has disengaged himself from the battle against COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y423zsv2.

Public health officials across the country gear up to distribute the vaccine: tinyurl.com/yy5ej6vc.

More than 130 Secret Service members attached to the White House have been ordered to quarantine following their COVID-19 diagnoses: tinyurl.com/y3fyewg7. Presidential adviser Corey Lewandowski and two others in the president's orbit test positive for COVID-19: tinyurl.com/yxrd646w.

Senator Rand Paul tells the 11 million Americans who have had COVID-19 to drop their masks and go party because they are immune -- a baseless, reckless claim: tinyurl.com/y64h8kxy.

The first Caribbean cruise since March ends when passengers test positive for COVID-19: tinyurl.com/y2f5b2c9.

The European Union extends its bailout of the culture sector to $3.3 billion: tinyurl.com/y4hw25tv.

The Educational Theatre Association releases a survey of middle- and high-school teachers regarding the impact of COVID-19; it reveals that many school theatre programs are at risk: tinyurl.com/y5fadf5p.

Around the country:

In California:

Despite the stunning success of its new streaming service, the Walt Disney Company sees its revenue drop 23%, thanks to the challenges of the pandemic: tinyurl.com/y5c339qu. Disneyland is likely to remain closed until December 31: tinyurl.com/yxmpp5jo.

In Florida:

The state reports 5,607 additional COVID-19 cases on Thursday: tinyurl.com/y2jgw487.

In Illinois:

Chicago's mayor asks residents to cancel their Thanksgiving plans: tinyurl.com/yyds3xrg.

In Maryland:

The state breaks another record, with 1,869 new COVID-19 infections: tinyurl.com/yyac5zwa.

As a coronavirus control measure, all civil and criminal trials are suspended until 2021: tinyurl.com/y2gxjcep.

In Massachusetts:

The state records 2,482 new COVID-19 cases and reaches 10,000 deaths: tinyurl.com/y3ude2h9.

In Minnesota:

The state reports a record daily COVID-19 caseload of 7,228: tinyurl.com/y5cb36yz.

In Missouri:

The COVID-19 positivity rate reaches an alarming 40.8%: tinyurl.com/yyeuyzg8.

University of Missouri will shift to remote learning after Thanksgiving: tinyurl.com/y625vd2t.

In New Mexico:

The state hits a new record number of COVID-19 cases at 1,753: tinyurl.com/y2zo239u.

In New York:

The lawsuit against the city and state, seeking the reopening of theatres, advances: tinyurl.com/y6xm654d.

In Nevada:

The numbers keep climbing, as the state records, 1,469 new COVID-19 cases and the positivity rate jumps to 14.3%: tinyurl.com/y6qh6zql.

In North Dakota:

A nurses' union calls for a mask mandate and rejects the previously reported policy of allowing healthcare workers who are infected with COVID-19 but asymptomatic to remain on the job: tinyurl.com/yyytat4e.

In Utah:

The state shatters previous records with 3,919 COVID-19 cases in one day: tinyurl.com/y6nrua9f.

Around the world:

In France:

A new survey shows that half of the country ignores lockdown rules: tinyurl.com/y2uulgw.

In Germany:

Protests against pandemic-related social distancing is growing more radical; small explosive devices and Molotov cocktails are involved: tinyurl.com/y2qf4rew.

In Greece:

Hospital workers stage a protest, demanding more staff to deal with the pandemic: tinyurl.com/yy54axfl.

In the UK:

The country posts its biggest one-day jump, with 33,470 new COVID-19 cases: tinyurl.com/y46a96mv.


Elation's popular Elation Hour livestream returns on November 18 at 10:00am PST to discuss the challenges of lighting themed environments with special guests KC Wilkerson and Ryan Stumpp, both of The Walt Disney Company, and Norm Schwab, of design group Lightswitch. Register at tinyurl.com/y4xl33yo.

For your entertainment:

As part of the Minnesota Orchestra's series of live Friday night concerts presented with Twin Cities PBS (TPT) and Classical MPR, the orchestra's musicians perform Jamaican-born British composer Eleanor Alberga's String Quartet No. 2; Ravel's Introduction and Allegro for harp, flute, clarinet, and string quartet; and Beethoven's Symphony No. 1 (marking the orchestra's first performance of a full symphony this season), conducted by William Eddins, on November at 8:00pm 20 CT at minnesotaorchestra.org/tickets/calendar/eventdetail/1774/-/musical-originals. These hour-long concerts, which constitute the orchestra's fall season, feature ensembles of up to 25 orchestra musicians performing programs created for at-home viewing instead of an in-person audience. It streams at minnesotaorchestra.org.

For your pleasure:

Rising star Solea Pfeiffer offers "You Must Love Me," from Evita: tinyurl.com/y9gswgde.

That's all for today. Stay safe. Have a good weekend. -- DB

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Previous LSA COVID-19 Updates: plasa.me/lsacovid19resources.

(13 November 2020)

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