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ARX Celebrate 10 years with Olsen Audio Group as US Distributor

ARX Systems and Olsen Audio Group celebrate 10th anniversary of ARX America.

ARX Systems and Olsen Audio Group Inc are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the signing of contracts creating ARX America, with Olsen taking on the distribution and representation of the full portfolio of ARX products for the US. Over the past ten years, the ARX Systems' products have found their way into applications as diverse as military operations, broadcast, and commercial installations.

Craig Olsen, owner and founder of Olsen Audio Group first got in contact with ARX back in 2010 when the ARX Sixgate caught his bass player's eye. "I liked the concept of the (ARX) Sixgate -- I was playing bass in a band and we had five or six vocals with a large drum kit. I hadn't seen another unit with six channels in one rack unit and wanted to check the product out. I then found out that ARX were looking for distribution and a warehouse -- and I had both, so the conversation started."

"Once we spoke with Craig it became clear that he had a real wealth of knowledge and understanding of both the product and the market," comments Colin Park, managing director of ARX Systems (then and now!). "At the time we were well established in EMEA and APAC and the US was the next challenge."

Olsen, who had done his touring sound time "on the road" in the '60s and '70s, had set up his company following a spell at Yamaha in which he played an integral part in the design of the PM3000 console. After taking consultancy roles at some major manufacturers in the industry, Olsen purchased the WindTech, Audio Visual Assistance and Mic-Muff brands with the intention of running a small, family owned company serving the industry that was both his career and passion.

"The success of ARX America has been down to the hard work that Olsen Audio have put in over the years," adds Park. "We both cut our teeth in this industry on the road and we share the same values that come with running a family business, and that common ground makes working together a pleasure. We are looking forward to the future."



(24 November 2020)

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