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Mobiltechlifts ML2 Delivers Compact Lifting Strength

Mobiltechlifts ML2

Discover heavy lifting capacity in a small footprint with the ML2 6520 from Mobiltechlifts. The ML2 impresses with a loading capacity of up to 441 lb and reaches a maximum height of 21.5'. Its heavy-duty construction and compact footprint of 8' x 8' make it the best choice for smaller events and loading requirements that are not overly demanding.

Its practical and stable telescopic outriggers are equipped with rubber feet for protection of surfaces from damage and provide increased friction. Manual winch, integrated wheel brakes, and bubble level come as standard.

Features include:
* Telescopic outriggers increase practicality and improve stability
* Rubber feet on the outriggers protect all surfaces from damage and provide increased friction
* Integrated wheels with brakes for added safety
* Bubble level for convenient leveling
* Plastic cushions on the lift's body prevent damage to the mast
* Manual winch
* Height indicator
* Top mast attachment points
* Secondary locking mechanism
* Optional winch cover
* Manual screw for reducing mast movement and adding additional safety
* DGUV-17
* TUV Nord Certified

Technical Specifications include:
Load: 441 lb
Weight: 278 lb
Max height: 21.5'
Min. height: 6'
Footprint: 8' x 8'

Read more about the ML2 6520 at mobiltechlifts.com/products/ml2-telescopic-lift/ml2-6520

Request more information or a price quote from your local Area Four Industries America distribution office (Knoxville, Tennessee or Thousand Oaks, California) at 1-800-411-0065 or info@areafourindustries.us.


(13 August 2019)

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