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Lee Rose Produces Workshop for International Cinematographers Guild

On March 26 and 27, Lee Rose, a partner in the Los Angeles-based lighting design firm of Design Partners, produced and lead a workshop on advanced lighting technology for the International Cinematographers Guild. The event was staged at the Local 80 grips' soundstage in Burbank California. Rose worked with Mark Weingartner and Mark Sanford, of the ICG National training committee, to put together a program which included presentations "The Differences Between a Cinematographer and a Lighting Designer" and "The History of Advanced Lighting Technology". Also included was a presentation on "The Science and Perception of Color" and "Light: The Raw Material of our Vision" by Jonathan Erland, of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences scientific and technical council. This was followed with a presentation on "Light Emitting Plasma Lamp Sources" by Tom Morris, of Ocean Optics/SeaChanger.

Rose followed the presentations with demonstrations of automated and advanced technology lighting fixtures and a demonstration of the color-rendering of various types of illuminators including; tungsten, arc, plasma, RGB LED, RGBA LED, RGBAW LED, White LED. These different types of sources were also scanned using a Photoresearch SpectraScan Spectroradiometer allowing for real-time viewing of the actual spectral response curves of the various illuminators. Participants viewed the way the various fixtures render colors on large plasma screens fed by broadcast cameras provided by Sweetwater Digital.

Lighting designer Kim Killingsworth, of Design Partners, demonstrated the lighting of a three wall set with a window and backdrop solely with LED light fixtures, including several types of LED Fresnels. First, he showed a sitcom style setup, and then a more traditional film-style single camera set-up. Participants could compare what they saw by eye to the images rendered on the monitors.

Production support for the event was provided by PRG, Los Angeles including all rigging, cabling, 676 control console, transportation, and technicians. PRG also provided their facilities for pre-production prep and programming.

Lighting fixtures was donated by manufacturers including; Arri (Broadcaster and M18), Color Kinetics (Colorblast TRX and Colorblaze TRX), Elation Lighting (Color Tone, WW Tone and ELAR 180 LED Par), ETC (Vivid & Pearl), Litepanels (Sola 6 Fresnel and 1x1 Bi-Focus), Mole (LED Softlite), SeaChanger (Nemo Profile and Wash), PRG (Ohmlite, Gekko Kezia and Karesslite), Prism Projection (Reveal Studio and Color Wash), Robe (Robin 300 Plasma Spot and Robin 600 LED Wash), Robert Juliat (Aledin LED Profile), Strand (PL1,) and Philips Vari-Lite (VLX).


(7 April 2011)

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