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Martin by Harman Announces M2GO HD Lighting Controller

Martin by Harman's M2GO HD lighting controller

Martin by Harman introduces the M2GO HD, the latest member of the M-Series family of lighting controllers. The M2GO HD is now shipping.

Carrying the same DNA as Martin's M2GO, the new M2GO HD provides more speed, more power, four additional parameter encoders, and a multi-touch head display that folds down for easy transit, and a small footprint. The M2GO HD has been designed to deliver a state-of-the-art experience in a roadworthy, cost-effective package.

The M2GO HD's processing units are capable of meeting the demands of even tomorrow's lighting designers. It provides ample universes of DMX, Art-Net, and sACN (20 in total), and all universes are fully unlocked with no need to obtain extra licensing. Plus, its graphic chipsets ensures smooth graphical effects, including those provided by future software upgrades.

The M2GO HD comes with a bright and crisp, high-resolution, capacitive multi-touch LCD that can be folded down to ensure a small footprint.

The M2GO HD adds four additional encoders on the right side of the display. These encoders provide the same ease-of-use found in the flagship Martin M6. This means that any parameter, effect, or speed control can be assigned and mapped by the user, which allows for faster access while programing.

A major change over the original M2GO is the crisp new head display which makes the M2GO HD among the best portable professional consoles on the market today for mid-sized productions. The M2GO HD control surface also features 10 playback faders, 40 playback buttons, a main go section, grand master control, numerical keypad, eight user functions key, and a 3.5" display for quick parameter access. M2GO HD has four DMX ports. There are two Ethernet RJ45 for Art-Net, sACN, and tracking backup. Plus, MIDI, and SMPTE interfaces are now built-in the M2GO HD as standard features.

Like all other members of the M-Series family, the M2GO HD is fully-compatible with any of the other M-Series consoles and PC software. Any show file can be moved to any M-Series console and M-PC for hassle-free integration and great ease of use.

M2GO HD ships with an included Martin One-Key dongle. This dongle has an MSD Lite oneyear free license as well as a lifetime M-PC Pro 64 universes license.

"Lighting designers around the world will be delighted with this great new addition to the M-series of lighting controllers. The M2GO HD is more than up for today's most demanding productions," said Paul Pelletier, solution manager for Harman Professional Solutions. "But what is most amazing is that we put this much power and technology into a small footprint without compromising the fast workflow, great ease-of-use, and unlimited possibilities that are the hallmark of Martin lighting solutions."

For more information, visit the URL below.



(19 May 2017)

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